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In addition to all the support the Undocu-Falcons Center has to offer, there are many outside services available to undocumented students or students from mixed-status families.


Subject Privacy Information
FLC Policy Folsom Lake College will not release any personally identifiable student information, including any data related to immigration status, without a judicial warrant, subpoena or court order, unless authorized by the student or required by law.
College Eligibility The CCCs, CSUs & UCs are open to all students who meet the minimum requirements for admission, regardless of immigration status.
Financial Aid Benefits Students can be confident that based on federal and state law, any information they submit on their college admission and/or financial aid applications will not put themselves or their families at risk.
Restricting Data Access Directory information, which includes name, dates of attendance, and other factors can be considered public information. Students may request that the college restrict access to their directory information by contacting the Admissions and Records Office