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New Vaccine Requirement

Learn about the new vaccination policy, including incentives, how to submit your vaccine documentation, and how to access an on-campus vaccine clinic.

There's Still Time to Enroll This Fall

"Late-Start" 2nd 8-week term classes start Oct. 14. Add a class and reach your academic goals faster!

Internship Info Month

Join us for a month of virtual internship information sessions and skills workshops!

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Falcon's Eye Theatre presents this Shakespearean classic Nov. 5-21 at the Harris Center and online.

Faculty Art Show

The 21st Annual FLC Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition is available for virtual viewing.

Free Telehealth for Students

Our free, 24/7 medical and mental telehealth program is now called TimelyCare. Access services like medical advice, TalkNow 24/7, scheduled counseling, and more.

A Safe Return to Campus

Learn about Folsom Lake College's ongoing planning for a safe return to our campuses and available in-person services.

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When you apply now, you guarantee your admission to Folsom Lake College. After that, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application (CADAA) to save money on tuition and other fees. It's as simple as that.

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Foslom Lake College Accounting


This accounting program provides training for entry-level employment in private industry or in government accounting.

Folsom Lake College Administration of Justice

Administration of Justice

Folsom Lake College’s administration of justice program applies analytical learning to understand the broad dimensions of the...

Folsom Lake College Allied Health

Allied Health

Allied health curriculum is of benefit to students seeking careers in the health field by teaching the foundational medical language needed...

Folsom Lake College Anthropology


The anthropology program offers basic lower division courses, serving as an excellent background to many other behavioral sciences.

Folsom Lake College Art


Folsom Lake College's art curriculum offers introductory and intermediate level courses in painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics...

collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China

Art History

Folsom Lake College's art history curriculum offers a wide range of courses in introduction to art, western, and non-western art, from...

Folsom Lake College Astronomy


The Folsom Lake College astronomy program offers an array of transferable courses that fulfill both major and general education...

Folsom Lake College Biology


Folsom Lake College's biology curriculum prepares students for transfer opportunities to four-year programs in biological sciences...

Folsom Lake College Business


The Folsom Lake College business curriculum is designed to provide an entrance into an exciting career. Many opportunities are available...

Folsom Lake College Business Technology

Business Technology

Folsom Lake College's business technology curriculum is designed to provide students with information technology skills used in today’s...

Folsom Lake College Chemistry


Folsom Lake College's chemistry program allows students to conduct hands-on chemical experimentation in a modern, well-equipped laboratory.

A group of students sitting together in a classroom and talking

Communication Studies

Folsom Lake College is committed to providing an innovative and stimulating environment for student learning in theoretical and pragmatic...

Folsom Lake College Computer Information Science

Computer Information Science

Folsom Lake College's computer information since curriculum consists of courses, certificates, and degrees relating to computer application...

Folsom Lake College Dance

Dance Studies

The dance studies curriculum at Folsom Lake College offers students the opportunity to develop a breadth of multi-disciplinary dance...

Folsom Lake College Early childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

The Folsom Lake College early childhood education curriculum offers a hands-on approach to learning skills in working with young children...

Folsom Lake College Economics


The Folsom Lake College economics curriculum studies how people and societies produce various commodities and distribute them for...

Folsom Lake College Liberal Studies for Elementary Education


Folsom Lake College's education/teaching program is designed for students who wish to be teachers in public and private elementary schools.

Folsom Lake College Emergency Mediclal Technology

Emergency Medical Technology

Folsom Lake College’s emergency medical technology curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to...

Folsom Lake College Engineering


The Folsom Lake College engineering curriculum provides the foundation in mathematics, physics, and engineering necessary to transfer to a...

Folsom Lake College English


The Folsom Lake College English department offers broad study in the fields of the written and spoken language.

Folsom Lake College English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language

Folsom Lake College offers courses in English as a second language (ESL) designed to provide students with the command of the English...

Folsom Lake College Environmental Technology

Environmental Technology

Folsom Lake College offers environment technology courses to provide foundational content to students interested in water/wastewater...

Folsom Lake College French


Folsom Lake College offers elementary and intermediate courses in French providing students with the ability to understand basic...

Folsom Lake College General Education Transfer

General Education

Folsom Lake College offers certificates of achievement to satisfy the general education requirements for the California State University...

Folsom Lake College Geography


The Folsom Lake College geography program offers courses that satisfy lower division general education requirements in both the physical...

Folsom Lake College Geology


Folsom Lake College's geology program studies the origin and evolution of the earth, utilizing the principles of mathematics, chemistry...

Folsom Lake College Gerontology


Folsom Lake College's gerontology program prepares students to assist seniors in managing their health, psychological, and social needs...

Folsom Lake College Health Education

Health Education

Folsom Lake College's health education curriculum explores the health education needs of businesses, organizations, and individuals in our...

Folsom Lake College History


The Folsom Lake College history curriculum offers a study of history that contributes to cultural literacy and develops critical thinking...

Folsom Lake College Human/Career Development

Human/Career Development

Folsom Lake College's human/career development curriculum assists students with developing self-awareness, educational management, and...

Folsom Lake College Humanities


Folsom Lake College's humanities curriculum offers students the opportunity to develop interdisciplinary knowledge, enhance their...

Folsom Lake College Imaging


Folsom Lake College's imaging program prepares students for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists’ certifications in computed...

Folsom Lake College Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies

This Folsom Lake College major is intended for students who want a general background in the areas of arts and humanities, communication...

Folsom Lake College


Folsom Lake College's journalism curriculum introduces students to the writing, reporting, and critical thinking skills required for jobs...

Folsom Lake College Kinesiology & Athletics


The Folsom Lake College kinesiology curriculum offers a wide variety of courses to accommodate varying fitness levels, interests, and...

Folsom Lake College Learning, Tutoring, & Academic Technology

Learning, Tutoring, and Academic Technology

Folsom Lake College's learning, tutoring, and academic technology courses are designed to help students become more effective at solving...

Folsom Lake College Library


We offer a one unit, online course on research skills and information literacy.

Folsom Lake College Management


Folsom Lake College's broad-based management curriculum offers introductory and specialized courses ranging from studies of standard...

Folsom Lake College Marketing


Folsom Lake College's marketing curriculum teaches skills that are essential for international and domestic business and for companies...

Folsom Lake College Matematics

Mathematics & Statistics

Folsom Lake College's mathematics program provides students with the ability to think logically and abstractly and develop the...

Folsom Lake College Medical Technology

Medical Technology

The medical laboratory technician (MLT) program at Folsom Lake College is designed to prepare students to qualify for and pass the National...

Folsom Lake College Modern Making

Modern Making

The modern making curriculum at Folsom Lake College is ideal for anyone interested in enhancing and developing marketable job skills...

Folsom Lake College Mucis


The Folsom Lake College music curriculum includes vocal and instrumental components, as well as courses on music and music history.

Folsom Lake College male nurse


Folsom Lake College’s Nurse Assistant course is an 8-week long course that provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to...

Folsom Lake College Nutrition


The Folsom Lake College nutrition curriculum prepares the student for further study in nutrition science and related fields or a program in...

Folsom Lake College Philosophy


Folsom Lake College's philosophy program is directed toward understanding fundamental human issues in their historical and cultural...

Folsom Lake College Photography


The Folsom Lake College photography curriculum is designed to teach skills for entry-level positions in the professional photography...

Folsom Lake College Physical Science

Physical Science

The Folsom Lake College physical science curriculum offers transferable courses that fulfill both major and general education requirements.

Folsom Lake College Physics


The Folsom Lake College physics program offers an array of transferable courses that fulfill both major and general education requirements.

Folsom Lake College Political Science

Political Science

Folsom Lake College's political science program studies governmental structures and political systems, as well as examines how individuals...

Folsom Lake College Project Management

Project Management

Folsom Lake College's project management program is highly relevant to professional services like health care, pharmacy, human resources...

Folsom Lake College Psychology


Psychology concerns itself with the study of behavior and mental processes.

Folsom Lake College Real Estate

Real Estate

Folsom Lake College's real estate curriculum satisfies the State of California prerequisites for the Real Estate Salesperson and Real...

Folsom Lake College Sign Language

Sign Language Studies

Folsom Lake College's sign language studies curriculum introduces students to American sign language, teaching students basic...

Folsom Lake College Social Justice

Social Justice Studies

Folsom Lake College's social justice program explores the histories strategies and structures of movements for social justice and...

Folsom Lake College Social Work/Human Services

Social Work/Human Services

Folsom Lake College's social work/human services program prepares students for employment as an associate professional. Students can...

Folsom Lake College Sociology


Folsom Lake College's sociology program examines the social and cultural bases that impact human behavior, interaction, and life changes.

Folsom Lake College Spanish


Folsom Lake College offers the fundamental communication courses for proficiency in Spanish. Students will be able to understand the spoken...

Folsom Lake College Student Government

Student Government

Folsom Lake College's student government curriculum is designed for students interested in developing their leadership skills and...

Folsom Lake College Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts

Folsom Lake College's theatre arts program provides a broad foundation in various aspects of theatre including history, diversity, and...

Folsom Lake College Viticulture


The Folsom Lake College viticulture program is designed to train and develop students who can either work in an existing vineyard/winery...

Folsom Lake College Work Experience

Work Experience

Folsom Lake College's work experience is a unique, experiential academic program that allows individuals to apply what they’ve learned in...

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The Listening Hour

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Networking for People Who Hate Networking

Online workshop
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UC TAG Lab (Transfer Center)

from 12:00 to 1:00 pm


Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism (Reading & Writing Center)

Zoom audio/video conferencing
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