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Online Education

Distance Education

Folsom Lake College offers instruction via the internet, including online course sections where all work is carried out online, and partially online course sections where instruction is divided between online and on-ground modalities.

Online Classes

In these classes, almost all work is carried out online (with the possible exception of campus orientations and exams).

Partially Online or "Hybrid" Classes

These classes feature a mix of online and on-campus work. Class schedules will indicate the day/time of the on-campus class sessions. 

In order to be successful in online courses, students need to be self-directed, motivated, and able to independently complete and electronically submit assignments on schedule. Students will also need consistent access to a computer and basic internet skills.

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All online work is offered via Canvas, the cloud-based learning management system used by faculty and students within the Los Rios Community College District.

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Distance Education FAQ

How will I know if a class is online?

Class schedules will indicate whether a course is online or partially online and if on-campus orientations or exams are required. For more information, please check the specific class listing in the online schedule. Each online or partially online class section will contain a class note with a link to the appropriate information site.

How do I register for an online class?

Registration for these courses are the same as those for traditional on-campus courses. See Enroll in Classes for more information. 

Where can I access online courses?

As all online courses are offered via Canvas, the cloud-based learning management system utilized by the Los Rios Community College District, students enrolled in any of these courses can access coursework anywhere where they have access to a computer and the internet. Students may complete some or all of their online assignments in one of the campus computer labs, from home, or from other off-campus locations.

Can non-residents take online classes?

No- Los Rios Community College District colleges are not authorized to provide education outside the boundaries of the State of California. If a student physically resides outside of California, they cannot enroll in distance education classes.

Are online classes as rigorous as on-ground?

All distance education courses are held to the same academic standards as traditional courses.

What is "web-based" learning?

Faculty teaching online, hybrid, and some on-campus courses often use web-based learning materials, resources, assignments, and even some quizzes and tests, and regularly contact students through email or other electronic means.

How do you interact with the professor and other students?

Most communication in an online class consists of written messages between you and the instructor and discussions among class participants. If you have difficulty with an assignment or have questions, you must be willing to "speak up" to inform the instructor. Good typing skills also are a plus.