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Environmental Technology

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Folsom Lake College Environmental Technology

Folsom Lake College offers courses and/or programs in environmental technology (ENVT) in two areas:

Environmental Technology

Folsom Lake College offers courses to provide foundational content to students interested in environmental protection, sustainability, regulatory compliance, and workplace safety and health applications. Students pursuing study in environmental technology, environmental studies, sustainability, natural resources, and related fields may continue their studies at other two- or four-year institutions. Students completing degrees in these and related disciplines may be employed by businesses and governmental agencies that require a knowledge of techniques for storage, treatment, transport, and disposal of hazardous materials; a basic understanding of the chemical and biological phenomena which underlie environmental protection; and an understanding of environmental health and safety. Technicians may be employed in remediation, monitoring, compliance, or environmental information applications.

Water/Wastewater Management

Folsom Lake College offers courses to prepare students in competency areas to enter the field or to enhance existing abilities of individuals already employed in the field seeking to advance in Certified Operator Grade Level. Students may seek employment by private and municipal wastewater treatment facilities or industrial treatment plants. Careers in water/wastewater technology generally involve the administration, operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of water/wastewater treatment facilities as well as sewer collection systems. Significant opportunities also exist in raw water distribution, recycled water production, desalination, advanced treatment of wastewater for indirect and direct potable use, water storage and distribution, water conservation, and enhancing the energy efficiency of wastewater treatment facilities.