Folsom Lake College Spanish

Folsom Lake College offers the fundamental communication courses for proficiency in Spanish. Students will be able to understand the spoken language and to speak, read, and write at a proficient level.

Spanish leads as the most career-applicable foreign language in the State of California. Spanish speaker demographics remain the most stable and fastest growing.

Career Options

Bilingual Education/Teacher’s Aide
Bilingual Telecommunications
Emergency Services
Foreign Language Teacher
Foreign Service
Import & Export
Intelligence/Military Service
International Business
IRS/State Franchise Tax Board
Law Enforcement/Correctional Officer
Overseas Employment: Business & Commerce
Social Security Officer
Social Service
Translating & Interpreting

Some career options may require more than two years of college study.


  • State-of-the-art pedagogical materials, technology, and facilities
  • Spanish department includes nationally published and recognized scholars in the area of methodology. Faculty are internationally trained at native scholar quality.
  • Spanish is established internationally as one of the three most desirable languages in the global economy.