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Art History


collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China

The Folsom Lake College art history curriculum offers a wide range of courses in introduction to art, western, and non-western art, from prehistoric to contemporary. Through the program’s diverse classes, students develop an understanding of the diverse cultural, historical, social, and religious backgrounds. The art history curriculum’s critical thinking and research components encourage students to utilize independent thought processes and analytical skills. The program provides transfer and employment opportunities, as well as personal enrichment for students.

Career Options

  • Art Dealer
  • Art History Instructor
  • Art Restorer
  • Arts Management Consultant
  • Docent
  • Gallery Director
  • Museum Educator
  • Museum Registrar/Collection Manager

Some career options may require more than two years of college study.


  • Art history faculty is composed of professionals with diverse specialization who have presented in national and international conferences.
  • Lectures on western and non-western art enrich an understanding of diverse cultures.