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About Degree Planner

Degree Planner is an interactive planning tool that allows students to map courses towards degree completion and provides students with a personalized, best-recommended sequence of courses each semester to graduation. Students can explore various scenarios and view which plan fits their needs to graduate on time.

Note: Degree Planner is intended for planning purposes and does not replace any existing processes for meeting with counselors or enrolling in classes.

How Degree Planner Works

Degree Planner provides a semester-by-semester course plan to help students complete their degree in two years and be ready for transfer if they are attending college full-time. If you are a part-time student, then Degree Planner will help you plan your classes based on the number of units you can take each semester.

In Degree Planner, you can adjust your plan to manage the demands of your academic work with your individual needs and circumstances. You can select the number of units you want to take each semester. You can rearrange your classes based on course availability and other factors, like which classes balance best with your workload, family responsibilities, and so on.

As your life changes, you can change your plan to meet your needs. When you make changes to your availability or number of units in Degree Planner, it automatically updates your plan and re-prioritizes your remaining degree requirements.

Degree Planner also reads the courses you have already taken at any of the colleges in the Los Rios Community College District (American River College, Cosumnes River College, Folsom Lake College, and Sacramento City College). If a course meets a degree requirement in your major but is from a different Los Rios college, then Degree Planner recognizes the equivalent course and counts it towards your degree. Then, it re-prioritizes the remaining courses you need to take to complete your degree. If you believe that you took a course that is not being used correctly, we encourage you to meet with a counselor.

Frequently Asked Questions