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The following are the programs currently available in Degree Planner. These programs are the most frequently awarded AA-T and AS-T programs at Folsom Lake College.

The goal is for all programs to be included in Degree Planner by summer 2021.

FLC Degrees in Degree Planner

Degree Academic Plan Description
(as it appears in PeopleSoft)
Major Number
Administration of Justice Administration of Justice - Transfer (CSU GE) 041305A01
Art History Art History for Transfer CSU 041022A02
Biology for Transfer IGETC STEM Biology for Trans IGETC STEM 041451A05
Business Administration - CSU Bus Admin - Transfer (CSU GE) 041048A01
Business Administration - IGETC Bus Admin - Transfer IGETC CSU 041048A02
Communication Studies Communication - Transfer (CSU GE) 041349A01
Early Childhood Education - CSU ECE for Transfer - CSU GE 041089A03
Economics - AAT Economics for Transfer-CSU 041170A02
English English - Transfer (CSU GE) 041403A02
Geography Geography for Transfer-CSU GE 041540A01
Geology for Transfer CSU Geology for Transfer CSU 040642A02
History - AAT History AA-T--CSU GE 041550A01
Kinesiology Kinesiology - Transfer (CSU GE) 041950A01
Law, Public Policy, and Society - AAT Law, Pub Pol, and Soc CSU GE 041167A01
Mathematics Mathematics - Transfer (CSU GE) 041404A02
Nutrition Transfer CSU GE Nutrition Transfer CSU GE 040701A01
Philosophy Philosophy for Transfer-CSU GE 041280A01
Physics Physics - Transfer (CSU GE) 041535A02
Physics - CSU Physics for Transfer-CSU GE) 041535A01
Political Science Poli-Sci for Transfer-CSU GE 041270A02
Psychology Psychology - Transfer (CSU GE) 041549A01
Public Health Science Pub Health Sci for Trans-CSU 041955A01
Social Justice - AAT Soc Justice for Transfer CSUGE 041238A01
Social Work - AAT Soc Work/HS for Trans CSU GE 041152A03
Sociology Sociology - Transfer (CSU GE) 041240A01
Studio Arts Studio Art for Transfer CSU GE 041027A03
Theatre Arts Theatre Arts Transfer -CSUGE 041007A01