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Folsom Lake College Physics

The Folsom Lake College physics program offers an array of transferable courses that fulfill both major and general education requirements. The physics program consists of a three semester calculus-based physics sequence and a two semester trigonometry-based sequence. These sequences are designed to meet transfer requirements for students in the physical and life sciences, engineering, architecture, and computer information science. A preparatory physics course is also offered.

The PHYS 310 and PHYS 312 classes are meant to give liberal arts students a comprehensive breadth of the field of physics and a hands-on learning experience. Both courses are an excellent way for liberal arts students to gain an appreciation of scientific knowledge and methods.

PHYS 311 is a preparatory class for prospective PHYS 350 and PHYS 411 students who have the required math, but lack physics and problem solving skills needed for success in future physics classes.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

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This program is part of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics meta-major.

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