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Folsom Lake College uses contactless lockers for all pick-ups to provide a safe, contact free method of access. The area is under surveillance for security purposes and your protection.

How to use the lockers

You will receive an email from LuxerOne, the locker company. In this email you will find a code and a QR code. 

The lockers have a touch screen and a QR code reader. You can either input the code or scan the QR code you received, and your locker will open. Please shut the locker after you take your item!

Please follow COVID-19 campus safety protocols while you are on campus. 

Times and Location

Access to our lockers is 24/7. Lockers are located by Lilac Hall, FL5 as seen on on the map below.

FLC Locker Map


Please note that some of the doors in the lockers are above five feet. If you need a locker that is accessible, please contact the Welcome Center at, and we will make sure your materials are placed in a locker that is accessible for you.