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Test Proctoring Services

Student must have a Letter of Accommodation (LOA) from the DSPS office for each individual class. (See the How to Apply for DSPS page for more information on LOAs.) This letter stipulates authorized accommodations, including extra time on tests in a "distraction reduced setting." The student presents the letter to the instructor at the start of the semester/term.

Student must inform the DSPS office of scheduled tests as soon as possible. Check to see if tests are printed in the class syllabus or notify DSPS as soon as the instructor announces it (at least 5-7 days in advance).  Note: If the time of the test does not correlate with the time staff or space is available for proctoring, DSPS staff and the student will notify the instructor and seek approval to arrange another time/date for proctoring.

Some test proctoring accommodations may also be available for students taking assessment tests. 

Please Note: Test proctoring services are not provided for classes offered outside of Folsom Lake College. 

Proctoring Tips

  • Student leaves all books, bags, cell phones, etc. with DSPS staff unless instructor has indicated on the proctoring request form that the student is allowed their books, notes, or calculator.
  • While test is being administered, if the student is not in direct line-of-sight of the staff, DSPS staff will check in on student.
  • DSPS staff returns test to the instructor via inter-campus mail unless the instructor indicates otherwise, or makes other arrangements.