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For gas gift cards, students must qualify and follow the guidelines set below:

  • You must still have an Unmet Need through Financial Aid.
  • The form must be completed one week prior to pick-up. Gas cards are distributed Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • If approved, one (1) gas card per student, per month is allowed. The form must be completed within the same month the gift card will be recieved.
  • Gas cards will not be distributed for a previous month's missed pickup.
  • This is a physical gas card and must be picked up in person, by the student applicant only, at the Welcome and Student Success Center.
  • Financial Aid Reporting: gas gift cards are considered a resource, therefore our department must report all gift card awards to Financial Aid to be included in your overall financial aid package.

Complete the form below to confirm your interest in receiving this physical gas gift card. You will be notified, if approved for a gas card, with days and times for pickup.