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Alternate Media Request Form

Folsom Lake College is committed to ensuring students have course materials in an accessible format. Alternate Media is an accommodation where students receive course materials like textbooks in a format that is accessible to them based on a student's functional limitations due to disability; such formats could be digital files like PDF/MS Word, large print, audio, or braille. At the bottom of this page is more detail on alternate media formats.

Alternate Media requests should be made as soon as you buy your books and requires proof of purchase; this form allows you to upload receipts or you can email them to DSPS. Ideally, alternate media requests should be submitted before the semester starts to ensure you receive your converted books in the first few weeks of the semester. The sooner you submit a request, the sooner you will receive your material.

To submit this form, you will need your course and textbook information. Class information can be found on your schedule in eServices. Your textbook information can be found on your course syllabus, on the Los Rios Bookstore website or by contacting your instructor. You can contact DSPS for assistance with completing this form.

Alternate Media


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7:30 am to 5:30 pm