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Get to Know Us

Equity Center logoJoin us in the Equity Center! Why Equity? We are multi-issue, intersectional, and want students to be able to bring their full selves into our space. We strive to create a welcoming, non-judgmental environment where our campus community can learn together on how to better support our disproportionately impacted (DI) populations.

Students of color, LGBTQIA+, 1st generation, low-income, foster youth, undocumented students, veterans, and other vulnerable populations are an important part of our campus. We want to ensure they feel supported and connected to succeed at the same rates as other Falcons, who may face fewer barriers to success.

Get involved and:

  • Invite us to present a workshop or lead a training
  • Attend events, workshops, and trainings
  • Refer students or employees who need support
  • Build community, get engaged, collaborate with equity-minded
  • Mentor others or receive mentorship
  • Help improve campus climate and reach equity-related goals
  • Learn more about equity work at FLC

Let's Meet Up!

Join our Canvas page and learn more about the Equity Center, our work, events, related clubs and how you can get engaged in equity work. We look forward to seeing you! Complete our interest form to connect and collaborate with the center.

Participatory Governance

The Equity Center is born out of the Diversity and Equity Committee (DEC) in solidarity with the Associated Students of Folsom Lake College (ASFLC). All are welcome to attend DEC meetings, contact us for more information.

Our Services

(916) 608-6440

Carlos Lopez
AB 620 LGBTQ Point of Contact
(916) 608-6849


Theodore Ny, he/they
Student Personnel Assistant/Equity Center Lead

James Le, he/him/his
Student Personnel Assistant/APIDA Lead

Anastacia Dobson Bell, she/her/hers
Student Support Specialist/PEAC²E Program Lead/BASE Program Lead

Eli Smith, he/him/his
Student Personnel Assistant/Pride Nest Lead

EJ Ricafrente
Student Leader

Sean Bombay, he/him/his
Student Leader

Malvina Sargsyan, she/her/hers
Student Leader


Dr. Addie Ellis, Sis/She/Ella
PEAC²E/BASE Program Counselor

Dr. Victoire Chochezi, she/her/hers
Equity Center Faculty Coordinator


Monday through Thursday:
8:30 am to 5:00 pm


Main Folsom campus
Aspen Hall, FL1, Welcome and Student Success Center FL1-151b

FLC Welcomes You

We welcome everyone. That means you. You belong here!

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