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Business Technology

Certificate of Achievement

Business Information Worker I Certificate

The Business Information Worker Certificate prepares students for entry-level office, computer, and administrative support positions in a variety of industries. This certification includes courses in: oral and written business communications; computer application skills, including beginning Excel, Word, and Outlook; the fundamentals of computer systems; and critical thinking and problem solving.

Catalog Date: June 1, 2021

Certificate Requirements

Course Code Course Title Units
BUS 310 Business Communications (3) 3
BUSTEC 102 Computer Keyboarding 10-Key 1
BUSTEC 110 Business Procedures for Professional Success 3
BUSTEC 126 Outlook: Basics 1
BUSTEC 307 Computer Keyboarding and Formatting (3) 3
BUSTEC 331 Exploring Computer Environments and the Internet 1
BUSTEC 360 Word Processing Beyond the Essentials (2) 1 - 2
   or BUSTEC 333 Exploring Word Processing and Presentation Software (1)
BUSTEC 363 Introduction to Electronic Spreadsheets 1
CISC 310 Introduction to Computer Information Science 3
A minimum of 1 unit from the following: 1
BUSTEC 498 Work Experience in Business Technology (1 - 4)
Total Units: 18 - 19

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • demonstrate proficiency in business technology applications.
  • demonstrate proficiency in business administration skills.
  • demonstrate proficiency in business communication skills.
  • apply customer service skills in a business environment and provide a positive customer service experience.

Career Information

Students who successfully complete the Business Information Worker Certificate are prepared for entry-level positions in office, computer, and administrative support positions in a variety of industries.