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English & Math Placement Reevaluation

The following students may want to have their English and/or Math placements reevaluated:

  1. A student who has already been enrolled (prior to summer/fall 2018) in English-Writing classes or Math classes at FLC
  2. A student who recently completed the college application, who did not answer all the questions related to their high school information or who answered the questions inaccurately or who needs to update the information


  • Student must have graduated high school in the last 10 years.
  • Student must be term active at FLC (enrollment within the last 2 semesters) by either completing the online application or the supplemental enrollment form.
  • Student must provide a copy of their most recent unofficial high school transcript. Please Note: You must write your Los Rios Student ID number on the upper right hand corner of the transcript (a little away from the end of the paper) or it will not be reevaluated.
  • Foreign transcripts cannot be accurately evaluated and will not be eligible for placement reevaluation.


To submit your high school transcript:

You may email your unofficial high school transcript to: Important: Write your Los Rios Student ID number on the top of the high school transcript.

Processing time is 1-3 business days. To view your updated placement results, login to your eServices account. From your eServices dashboard, click on the Academic Records tile, then Placements.