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The certificate programs listed below are eligible for financial aid at Folsom Lake College. Some certificate programs have similar names and codes - contact your academic counselor with questions concerning specific program requirements.

Only units that apply directly to a selected certificate program are counted as financial aid eligible. All units taken that do not directly apply to the certificate (program of study/major) are discounted for financial aid purposes.

Program Name Units Required
for Certificate
Financial Aid
Unit Maximum
Accounting 25 37.5
Accounting, Computer Applications 16 24
Business Information Worker I 18 27
Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship 22 33
Computer Programming 21 31.5
ECE Infant Specialist 22 33
ECE Master Teacher 53 79.5
ECE Teacher 45 67.5
Emergency Medical Studies 21 31.5
International Entrepreneurship/Global Exporting 18 27
Modern Making 16 24
New World of Work 17 25.5
Project Management 18 27
Public Management/Civil Service 19 28.5
Social Work/Human Services, General 33 49.5
Theatre Arts: Technical 20 30
Water/Wastewater Management 29 43.5