Complete Orientation

Orientation gives you important information to help you succeed at Folsom Lake College.

In-Person Orientation

Sign up for In-Person Orientation

This is a fun and engaging experience tailored for students who plan to attend Folsom Lake College where you'll:

  • Receive an FLC Survival Kit, including a copy of the Orientation Packet.
  • Discover and choose classes for your first semester.
  • Tour the campus and learn about resources.
  • Meet other students, student leaders, and staff members.
  • Learn about FLC's academic programs and majors.

Online Orientation

You can start online orientation 24 hours after you get your student ID number. To complete orientation, log in to Canvas and find the tile for Los Rios Online Orientation. Note: only the In-Person Orientation will provide advising for choosing classes for your first semester. 

Don’t have a computer or need help?

If you do not have a computer or need help, then you can complete online orientation at one of our campuses.

Orientation Checklist

Items Timeframe Resources
Complete online orientation At least 24 hours after you get your student ID number Log in to Canvas