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What is Advanced Education?

Advanced Education is a program for current high school students who are interested in taking classes at Folsom Lake College. Advanced education students may enroll in two college courses each semester (summer, fall and spring).

Application Deadlines
Summer 2020: June 1, 2020
Fall 2020: August 17, 2020
(full semester and 1st 8 week classes)
Fall 2020: October 12, 2020
(2nd 8 week classes)


  • You are 16 years old, or you have already completed 10th grade by the first day college classes start
  • You are currently enrolled in high school (public, private, or home school)
  • Your unweighted high school grade point average (GPA) is 2.7 or higher

How to Apply

NOTE: Read Before Continuing

  1. Do not submit your Advanced Education Application (PDF) directly to the college.
    You must meet with your high school counselor let them submit the packet for you.
  2. This process is for Folsom Lake College classes only.
    If you wish to take courses at another college in the Los Rios District, a separate Advanced Education Application needs to be submitted to each college you wish to attend.

Step 1: Apply to FLC and Login to eServices to Set Up An Account

New Students: Apply to Folsom Lake College to be assigned a Los Rios Student ID number which will be sent by email from the Los Rios Community College District. After receiving your ID number, follow the directions in the email to set up your eServices account. Your Los Rios ID number is required and is a seven-digit number starting with “1”. When logged in, go to Tasks tile and click on Select Major (where you select your FLC major).

Continuing Students: Login to eServices and complete the 'Supplemental Enrollment Information Form' located in the Tasks tile.

Step 2: Complete the Advanced Education Application (PDF)

Students must complete the Student section of the Adobe PDFAdvanced Education Application (PDF), including signatures for Parent and Student (typed signatures allowed). NOTE: To fill out the PDF, open it in Adobe Acrobat reader (free). Download for mobile devices or desktop computers.

Step 3: Meet with Your High School Counselor

Your High School counselor will fill out their portion of Advanced Education Application (PDF), listing the class(es) and class number(s). They will submit your application to Folsom Lake College at

The email must have the following attachments:

  • Completed Advanced Education Application (PDF), including up to six (6) courses approved for enrollment with the Class Name and Class Number. Example: SOC 300, #22323.
  • High school transcript (unofficial).
  • Private School Affidavit, when applicable.
  • Age documentation of 16 years of age or older when not displayed on the transcript.

Step 4: Course Enrollment

Advanced Education students qualify for priority 3 registration. Admissions & Records will enroll students based on their approval and the date/time of their priority registration appointment. If you are applying after the priority registration period, enrollment will be processed within 5 business days.

Advanced Education students have their tuition fees waived; however, they are responsible for the payment of additional fees, including the Universal Transit Pass (UTP) and student representation fee. Students should pay fees in their eServices account using a debit or credit card.

Note: High school students are exempt from fees associated with being a California non-resident; international student tuition is not waived.

Waitlisted or full classes: If the classes that were originally approved are full or waitlisted, we will accept secondary approvals directly from the high school counselor or designee via email. Counselor should include student name, student ID number, class name & number, and CC the parent and student in the email.

Questions About the Process?

Call FLC Admissions & Records at (916) 608-6501. Our Virtual Call Center is open for phone calls Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What GPA do I include?

The cumulative, unweighted GPA on your most current high school transcript.

Can I retake a class I failed at my high school at FLC through Advanced Education?

No. LRCCD policy states that students cannot enroll in courses requiring repetition due to unsatisfactory grades (D or F) received at the student’s high school.

I can’t meet with the high school principal, who can sign to approve my classes?

Your application must be signed by your principal or an authorized signer. If the school official who signs your application is not on our list of designated signers, then they must provide a list of all authorized designees on school letterhead that is signed by the principal. If this is the case, then please include this list with your application. Applications that do not include this list will be denied.

I am undocumented, can I participate in the Advanced Education program?

Yes! Advanced Education students who are classified as California residents are exempt from the enrollment fee.

See LRCCD board regulation R-2212 for more details.

I am a parent, can I call to inquire on the status of my students’ application?

No. Under Section 49061 of the Education Code, parents of community college students do not have a right of access to their children's student records, regardless of whether the student is under the age of 18. This includes Advanced Education.

I am an International Student. Can I take Advanced Education courses?

International students seeking to attend FLC under the Advanced Education program should first consult with their high school international student advisor to determine if the FLC coursework will be appropriate. International students are responsible for paying non-resident tuition, enrollment, and Universal Transit Pass (UTP) fees in addition to the student representation and health services fees (for fall and spring semesters). Other conditions may apply.

Student Records and Privacy

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and Section 49061 of the Education Code, parents of community college students do not have a right of access to their children's student records, regardless of whether the student is under the age of 18. See Access to Student Records for more information.