What is Advanced Education?

Advanced Education is a program for current high school students who are concurrently enrolled at Folsom Lake College. Advanced education students may enroll in two college courses each semester.


  • You must be at least 16 years of age or have completed your sophomore year of high school prior to the first day of the college semester.
  • You have a cumulative high school GPA of 2.7 or above;
    (If you do not have a 2.7 GPA you may submit transcripts with letters of support from your high school counselor or teachers showing evidence you would be a successful candidate)
  • The course you want to take is not available to you at your high school;
  • The course is not being repeated due to an unsatisfactory grade in high school;
  • You have met the prerequisite for the course.

Advanced Education Enrollment Process

You must follow these steps every semester that you wish to register in classes while concurrently enrolled in high school. A separate packet is required for each summer, fall, and spring semester.

  1. Login to eServices

    New Students: Apply to Folsom Lake College to be assigned your Los Rios Student ID number which will be sent via email from the Los Rios Community College District. Follow the directions in the email to set up your eServices account. Your ID number is required for enrollment and is a seven-digit number starting with “1”.

    Continuing Students: Login to eServices and complete the 'Supplemental Enrollment Information Form' in the Tasks tile.
  2. Complete the Advanced Education Application Packet

    All Students must complete the Adobe PDFAdvanced Education Application Packet (PDF) with required signatures (high school counselor, parent, and student). The packet must contain the following:
    • High school transcript
    • Personal statement (why you want to participate in the advanced education program)
    • Meeting Pre-requisites. If the classes requested have a prerequisite, make sure your high school transcript, AP test scores, college transcripts from outside of Los Rios, or other coursework can substantiate meeting the pre-requisite to determine proper placement. If you are requesting a high level Math class (classes higher than MATH 400), include letters of support from your high school instructor or counselor as part of your packet.

      When Appropriate: Provide a copy of the 'Private School Affidavit' and age documentation of 16 years of age or older, when not displayed on a transcript.

      Follow the instructions on the Advanced Education Packet cover sheet for submission and deadline dates, specific to each semester.
  3. Submit the Advanced Education Packet

    Complete and submit the Advanced Education Packet online or in person to the Admissions Office at any one of our locations: Main Folsom campus, El Dorado Center, or Rancho Cordova Center

    Early submission of your packet does not guarantee enrollment nor does it result in a higher registration appointment. Monitor the online class schedule prior to submitting your advanced education packet to avoid classes which have filled.

    You will be emailed within five (5) business days whether you're approved or not approved, along with details about the registration process, including your priority registration appointment (if applicable).
  4. In-Person Registration

    Advanced Education students qualify for priority 3 registration. All advanced education students must register for classes in person at the Admissions & Records office at Folsom Main campus, El Dorado Center, or Rancho Cordova Center after receiving the approval email from the college.

    Students must bring a photo ID with them at the time of enrollment.
  5. Fee Payment

    Advanced education students have their tuition fees waived; however, you are responsible for the payment of additional fees, including the Universal Transit Pass (UTP) and student representation fee. Students may pay fees in their eServices.

    Note: High school students may be exempt from fees associated with being a California non-resident; international student tuition is not waived.