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What are the course prerequisites?

Prior to the first day of class, students must have the American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) for the Health Care Provider CPR card (required under NHTSA and California Regulations).

How can I find the link to the American Heart Association class and what type of card is needed as a pre-requisite to the class?

Please use this link to search for classes in the AHA BLS Healthcare Provider. The card you will need is the AHA BLS Healthcare Provider course completion card.

Do I have to be 18 to take the class?

No. A student as young as 16 can take the class, sit for the NREMT exam, and earn their NREMT card. The NREMT card is then good for two years to obtain a state EMT card.

However, it is important to note that the state of California requires that EMT applicants be 18 years old.*

In sum, students 16 years and older can take the class, but until they turn 18, they are not eligible to apply for their California EMT card. At that time, they are advised to apply before their NREMT card expires.

*CCR Title 22, Section 100079(b)(1) says that EMT Initial Certification Requirements include the requirement that the applicant “Be eighteen (18) years of age or older”.

What are the course advisories?

It is recommended that students take courses in Anatomy & Physiology such as BIOL 100, and Medical Terminology AH 110.

Do I have to take EMT 101 prior to taking EMT 102?

Yes. EMT 101 is for students who have not received EMT training, while EMT 102 is for current EMTs needing re-certification.

What do I need to do to go to the hospital or ride along in the ambulance?

Activities such as going onto the hospital site or riding along in the ambulance require that you provide proof of a clear background check, drug screen, and immunization compliance. Information on necessary background and drug screening will be provided at first class meeting.

What is malpractice for, and when and how do I purchase it?

Malpractice is professional liability insurance that will protect you while you are doing field training. More information on malpractice insurance will be provided at first class meeting.

I completed a background check for my current employer. Do I need to complete another background check for the EMT Program?

Yes, all students must complete a background check through the designated college vendor.

May the EMT course be repeated?

The course may be repeated for mandated training (i.e. has allowed EMT certification to expire, did not obtain certification within two years of the date on the completion certificate, or unable to certify through National Registry).

To repeat the EMT course, you will need to submit a petition requesting the course repetition. Please contact the Admissions Office for guidance at (916) 608-6500.

Do you offer skills testing?

We do not test skills on an individual basis, only as part of the EMT class or the EMT Refresher class. Effective JULY 1, 2017, the skills required for California re-certification have changed. They now include:

  • Trauma assessment
  • Medical Assessment
  • Bag-Mask-Valve Ventilation
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Cardiac Arrest Management w/AED
  • Hemorrhage Control & Shock Management (wound packing)
  • SMR long board
  • KED
  • Penetrating Chest Injury
  • Epinephrine
  • Naloxone (Narcan)
  • Childbirth and Neonatal Resuscitation

What happens after I enroll?

After completing your online registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Students will be emailed a welcome packet that contains specific details about the program including prerequisite information, parking information, course syllabus and schedule approximately one week prior to the start of the semester.

I am on the waitlist. How do I know if I will be enrolled in the class?

Waitlisted students will be notified by email when a seat becomes available in the course.

What are the costs associated with the course?

Textbook costs are between $100 and $150. New textbooks with online access to the publishers 'enhanced' course materials is $150. We are not currently requiring the online access, so a used book is acceptable. Uniforms are between $50 and $125. For most of students, the $125 package is the best deal.

What is the career outlook for an EMT after certification?

  • EMTs and paramedics earn an average salary of $34,320 (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • EMT and paramedic jobs are expected to grow by 7% through 2028, which is faster than the average national job growth rate (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • EMTs can find employment with a variety of employers in the healthcare and emergency response fields, including fire departments, private ambulance companies, and hospitals.
  • Students often use EMT training as a foundation for an education in advanced medicine, including paramedic school, medical school, nursing school, and physician's assistant school.

Do you provide job placement assistance after course completion?

Folsom Lake College partners with Sacramento Employment Training Agency (SETA) to help place completers in jobs related to their field of study. Mohsen Ghahremani is our SETA Jobs Developer, and can be reached at and (916) 584-2383.