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Rising Scholars

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Folsom Lake College's Rising Scholars program is committed to serving students who have been impacted by the criminal justice system. We provide a variety of resources that help build solid pathways from incarceration to higher education — and beyond.

Resources include:

  • Community: A group of likeminded people — students, professors, staff, community members — dedicated to lifting each other up
  • Peer Support: Students who help students in a supportive environment
  • Financial Aid Assistance: Access to financial aid
  • Counseling: Access to a dedicated counselor, committed to navigating academic pathways
  • Tutoring: Peer-to-peer tutoring
  • Job Placement: Access to on and off-campus jobs
  • Professional Networking: Meet professionals in the field of your choice
  • Record Expungement: Access to professionals who specialize in clearing criminal records
  • Tattoo Cover-ups: Opportunities to cover up gang and/or hate-related tattoos from our partners at Swan and Sword Tattoo
  • Housing: Up-to-date housing options
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Access to community organizations all over Northern California

The Rising Scholars program at Folsom Lake College is part of the statewide Rising Scholars Network.


Mariko Peshon McGarry, Ph.D.
Dean, Prison and Reentry Education Program (PREP)
(916) 608-6908

Stephanie Karas, Ph.D.
Rising Scholars Coordinator