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Folsom Lake College has implemented several initiatives to address and prevent incidents of sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking at all of our campuses and centers.

Sexual Violence Prevention for Community College Students

The Safe Colleges training program familiarizes students and employees with Title IX and related topics, including sexual assault and harassment, relationship violence, stalking, consent, alcohol, verbal defense, and bystander intervention. All new students and employees must complete the Safe Colleges training.


  1. Students may self-register at Keenan Safe Colleges Training.
  2. Register with your Los Rios apps email address, for example:
  3. Click on the course: Sexual Violence Prevention for Community College Students.


  1. Log into Employee Self-Service.
  2. From your dashboard, click Not Anymore Training.
  3. Click Title IX Mandatory Training.

Training FAQ

Reporting and Resources Guide

The district's Sexual Assault: Reporting and Resources Guide describes how and to whom reports of sexual assault can be made. The guide includes on- and off-campus resources for people who report sexual assault as well as those who have been accused of sexual misconduct.


Partnership with WEAVE

WEAVE is the primary provider of comprehensive domestic violence services for the Sacramento region. We partnered with WEAVE to designate a confidential advocate who spends five hours per week at each of our four main campuses.

The confidential advocate's primary role is to support people who report sexual assault. The confidential advocate also provides tailored education workshops for students and employees and assists in developing prevention and awareness programs.

WEAVE Confidential Advocate

Education and Prevention Program

In October 2016, each of our four colleges submitted recommendations and implementation strategies based on an in-depth analysis of its unique population needs and available resources. In addition, we reviewed effective sexual assault education campaigns and prevention programs in colleges and universities across the nation.

Through the development and implementation of this education and prevention program, we reaffirm our commitment to a safe learning and working environment free from sexual violence.


Sexual Assault: Education and Prevention Program

Title IX Coordinator Training

District Policies and Regulations

Take a deep dive into our policies and regulations to learn more about our stance on sexual violence and the procedures we have in place to address and remedy claims of sexual misconduct.