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Not Ready to Pick a Major? Explore Meta-Majors to Help You Decide!

Meta-majors are groupings of similar areas of study designed to help you narrow down your interests and decide on a major. Exploring meta-majors will help you pick the right classes and complete your educational goals on time.

Business and Management meta-major graphic

Meta-Major: Business and Management

Do you want to start your own business? Do you enjoy managing projects and teams of people? Are you interested in managing money?

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Liberal Arts and Social Sciences meta-major graphic

Meta-Major: Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Do you enjoy expressing yourself through writing, art, or music? Are you interested in human communication and behavior? Do you enjoy studying culture, history, or politics?

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Public Service, Health, and Education meta-major graphic

Meta-Major: Public Service, Health, and Education

Are you interested in the human body and helping others maintain good health? Do you want to explore public service and how you can serve the community at large?

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STEM meta-major graphic

Meta-Major: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Do you enjoy solving problems or building things? Do you want to work with computers and new technology? Are you interested in the Earth's natural resources?

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