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Celebration of Excellence and Achievement for Students of African Descent

Campus Closure

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Los Rios Colleges have moved to 100% remote operations. The Celebration of Excellence & Achievement for Students of African Descent (COEA) is cancelled until further notice.

COEA audience attending celebration

About the Annual Event

The annual Celebration of Excellence & Achievement for Students of African Descent (COEA) recognizes students who are receiving degrees/certificates and/or transferring to four-year universities.

Who Can Participate

The event is for students of African descent who are graduating with a degree, receiving a certificate, or have been admitted to a four-year university. Students from all four Los Rios colleges are encouraged to participate. If you feel you are eligible but you have not received an invitation to participate, then call or email a member of the event planning committee.

If you were admitted to a four-year university but you are not receiving an associate degree, then you must provide a copy of your letter of acceptance.

Student Speakers

Our goal is to have one speaker from each of the four colleges. If multiple students from a single campus are interested in speaking, then they will compete for the honor of speaking. The competing speeches will take place on your campus and be judged by two or more representatives of the event planning committee.

If you are interested in speaking, then you can check the appropriate box on the registration form.

Speaker Eligibility and Speech Criteria

To be eligible to speak at this event, you must be a spring 2020 graduate or a transferring student.

Speech Criteria
  1. Your speech must fit the theme, Celebration of Excellence. What does the theme personally mean to you?
  2. Your speech should be two to three minutes in length.

Competing speeches will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Speech is organized
  • Speech is relevant to the theme "Celebration of Excellence"
  • Speaker is considerate of the audience and the event in their content choices
  • Speech is engaging and interesting


The first COEA was held in May of 2006. The ceremony is a cultural and community celebration and includes elements of both African and African American culture. African dancers and drummers, gospel music, and student speakers are just a few of the event's features. Each student participant is presented with a Kente cloth. The ceremony is followed by a reception.

Register for the Event

Unfortunately, in response to COVID-19 (coronavirus), the 2020 celebration is cancelled.


Victoire Chochezi

Event Date and Time

Cancelled until further notice.