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Free and Low-Cost Internet Plans

Wifi symbol in neon colors

National Digital Inclusion Alliance

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) has compiled a list of current offers from ISPs that will help low-income households to acquire service at low or no cost. Most have eligibility limitations linked to income or program enrollment. The list also includes established, nationally available low-cost plans offered by nonprofit organizations. All offers are less than $20/month total cost (with no installation fees).

NDIA Internet Plans


AT&T is offering unlimited internet data and internet access for limited income households at $10 a month through the Access from AT&T program.

Access from AT&T

California Connects Mobile Internet

California Community Colleges students are eligible for the California Connects Mobile Internet service. This new mobile hotspot service, powered by Sprint, offers nationwide 4G LTE connectivity and allows users to connect up to 10 wifi-enabled devices for up to 10 hours on a single charge, with no contract required, for only $19.99 a month.

California Connects Mobile

El Dorado County Internet Connectivity For Students

Learn about free wifi available to students in El Dorado County.

El Dorado County Internet Connectivity For Students

United Ways of California Low-Cost Internet

See if you qualify for low-cost internet through the United Ways of California by entering your zip code.

United Ways of California

Free Public Wifi

Students can access free public wifi or hotspots in various public places in and around Sacramento. Use the following resources to learn more:

Computer and Technology Support and Resources


Chromebook Eligibility

For the fall 2020 semester, Los Rios Community College District has identified students with the greatest financial need who are eligible for Chromebooks. If you are eligible, then you:

  1. Will receive notification of your eligibility through Los Rios Gmail and eServices Messaging. It's important to continue to monitor these communication hubs because new students are being identified each day.
  2. Must follow the instructions you receive, including filling out the form that confirms your interest in the program. Upon completion, you will be contacted about next steps.

If You Have Not Received an Eligibility Email – Explore Options for Lower Cost Technology

We recommend exploring the following options to buy reasonably-priced technology using your own funds:

  • The CollegeBuys website run by the Foundation for California Community Colleges offers low-priced options for Chromebooks (for example, Lenovo Chromebook for $239.95), laptops (for example, Windows 10 tablet/pc for $189.95), and software (for example, Microsoft office for $39.95).
  • If you have your own Windows or Apple computer and only need Microsoft Office, then you can download a free copy to your computer. This Office 365 Handout will walk you through the sign up and download process. Be aware that between semesters – when you aren't in classes – you will lose access to this copy of Microsoft Office.
  • ComputersForClassrooms is a nonprofit out of Chico that offers lower-cost options for qualifying low-income individuals.
  • TechExchange out of Oakland is a nonprofit that offers refurbished computers for purchase.
  • PCsforPeople offers low-cost technology for low-income individuals who qualify.
  • BestBuy offers student discounts.
  • Microsoft offers student discounts.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Students have access to Adobe Creative Cloud for $39.99 per semester or $79.99 per year. Please follow the instructions below to install Creative Cloud Desktop Apps on your personal device.

  1. Visit to start the purchase process.
  2. When prompted, select California, then your college name.
  3. Use your Los Rios email address (ending with .edu) to complete the verification and purchase process.

For more information on how to download or install apps, see Download and Install Creative Cloud Apps Help.

Canvas Online Learning System

Many in-person classes are moving to Canvas, the online learning management system used by the Los Rios colleges.

Go to Canvas

If you are new to Canvas, use the following resources to learn more about how to use the system:

Contact Canvas Support

You can call Canvas 24/7 Support toll-free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

  • For American River College, call (844) 589-3851.
  • For Cosumnes River College, call (844) 592-2203.
  • For Folsom Lake College, call (844) 600-4947.
  • For Sacramento City College, call (844) 612-7419.

Quick Tip Videos

Microsoft Office 365

If you are enrolled in the current semester, then you are eligible to use Microsoft Office 365, which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Go to Office 365

Preparing for Online Learning Videos

California Community Colleges' California Virtual Campus - Online Education Initiative (CVC-OEI) has a series of Canvas and online readiness videos available to students.

Student Technology Help

Need help with Canvas, Zoom, or technology in general? Call (916) 608-6520 to get help with your technology needs.