English Center

Campus Closure

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Los Rios Colleges have begun 100% remote operations including moving all classes and student services online until further notice. However, check this site for updates about when EDC tutoring services may be available on-ground.

Students can receive personal online assistance with essays and other writing assignments during COVID-19. Contact us anytime at the e-mail addresses listed. You can also leave a voice message at (530) 642-5686.

We'll return your draft with comments and advice; phone or zoom appointments are also available upon request. Stay healthy!

EDC English Tutoring available online beginning August 24, 2020

Contact Us

Please send an e-mail to both Kathy and Gina that includes:

  • A link to the assignment prompt or a description of it + when it's due.
  • A short message specifying what kind of help you need with the assignment.
  • Your phone number with best times to call you back.
  • All documents. You can attach them in the e-mail or send a link via google docs.


Kathy Leland
English Center Lead English Faculty
(530) 642-5637

Gina Jennings
Instructional Assistant 
(530) 642-5686


When available, on ground hours will be posted here.


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