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There are two wireless networks supported at Folsom Lake College and its centers: LRCCD and guest.

Wireless Network Connections screenshot
  • LRCCD is used for student and employee internet access
  • Guest is used by guests who are invited to the campus have had a guest login account created for them by an employee

Though you may see more wireless networks show up in your wireless connection manager – depending on your radio antenna size and location – only LRCCD and guest are used for Folsom Lake College internet access.

Connect to WiFi

  1. Select the LRCCD network.
  2. Select Connect.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your LRCCD account (for example, W1234567) and password. This is the same username and password that you use for eServices (if you're a student) and employee self-service (if you're an employee).

Note: If you receive a certificate error message, then trust/accept/continue/install is the correct choice.

Troubleshooting Problems

Students and Employees

  1. On your device, make sure your WiFi is turned on.
  2. Make sure you are connected to LRCCD (not guest or any other network).
  3. Make sure you enter your username and password correctly.
  4. Turn your wireless connection off and then back on to reset your wireless connection. Try connecting again.
  5. Remove any previously remembered connections related to FLC networks, and try again. (Choose "forget" on iPhone and Android devices.)
  6. Launch your internet browser if you haven't been prompted for your username and password – this may cause the login dialog box to pop up.
  7. Restart your computer and try again.


Note: guests are users who have been invited to campus and have had a guest access account provided.

  1. Make sure your wireless radio is turned on.
  2. Make sure you are connected to the guest wireless network.
  3. Launch your internet browser and enter the username and password provided to you.


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