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FLC First Year Engagement participants

First year students are encouraged to participate in First Year Engagement (FYE) as a great way to connect with supportive faculty, peer mentors, counselors, and fellow first year students. All student participating in FYE enroll in HCD 310: College Success, a 3 unit, transferable course that provide students with the opportunity to develop and enhance essential college success skills, as well as dive into major and career exploration. Students who participate in FYE feel more connected to the campus community, have a better understanding of their path through college, and the services and resources available to them.

FYE offers two distinct course options:

  • The Exploration Cohort is designed for those students still deciding on a major to pursue. HCD 310 will provide enhanced opportunities to explore major programs, class requirements, transfer options, and career interest activities.
  • The Declared Cohort is for students who know their major and have declared it. HCD 310 will provide opportunities for in depth investigation into majors and career fields, educational planning, and meaningful connections to meta-major faculty and success coaches. Both Cohorts will also benefit from HCD 310’s focus on college success skills such as time management, critical thinking, goal setting, and collaborative learning.


  • HCD courses are designed to help students: 
    • Gain awareness of campus resources and support services
    • Success Team
    • Free tuition for the first two years
    • Feel more connected, comfortable, and at home in the FLC community
    • Acquire academic and life skills to succeed in college
    • Reach their educational goals of earning a certificate or degree, and/or transferring to a university
    • HCD faculty are committed to working with students and ensuring a quality experience in FYE. Faculty and peer mentors provide referrals to tutoring, workshops, and other campus services as needed, while establishing supportive connections with first year students.

Fall 2020 FYE Class Information

FYE sections of HCD 310

All of the sections below are designated for FYE. Students can enroll in any section thatmeets their scheduling needs.

Days Times Section Number
Monday/Wednesday 9:00 to 10:20 am 16511
Tuesday/Thursday 9:00 to 10:20 am 16083
Tuesday/Thursday 9:00 to 10:20 am 16510
Monday/Wednesday 10:30 to 11:50 am 16849
Tuesday/Thursday 10:30 to 11:50 am 16512

Please refer to the Fall 2020 Class Schedule for a listing of all HCD class offerings.


  • Complete the Folsom Lake College Application before registering for First Year Success
  • Be a new college student attending Folsom Lake College in the fall semester

How to Join

  1. Complete the online registration form and let us know you are joining FYE!
  2. Select an HCD 310: College Success class from the "Class Information" table above that fits your fall 2020 schedule.
  3. Use the section number of that class to enroll using eServices when your enrollment appointment arrives.


Contact the First Year Success for more information:

Phone: (916) 608-6702