Getting Started

If you have a disability, please call and arrange for an appointment with the DSPS Office.

Main Folsom campus: (916) 608-6611
El Dorado Center: (530) 642-5630
Rancho Cordova Center:  (916) 361-6312

You will need to provide medical verification of your disability. Prior to your first appointment, print out a Adobe PDFMedical Verification Form (PDF) and have your doctor complete. Other options include: IEP and Psycho Education Report from high school; other documents from your medical doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, or hospital that describe your disability and diagnosis; learning disability testing results, etc. If you have a question on if your medical verification will suffice, please call (916) 608-6611.

First Appointment (Intake)

The "intake" process is the first step to becoming part of the DSPS program. This initial appointment is one hour long. During this appointment, you will meet with one of our DSPS counselors and they will review your Adobe PDFMedical Verification Form (PDF) and go over what accommodations you will be able to receive while you are a student at Folsom Lake College.

Issuing Letters of Accommodation

Letters of Accommodation (LOAs) are letters that the DSPS staff produces for every student to give to professors of their classes. It is the student's responsibility to deliver these letters to each of their instructors. These letters will notify the instructor of the accommodations that the student receives (i.e. extra time on testing, note taker, tape recorder, etc.). Note: The disability is not disclosed on these forms.

Student should call the DSPS office 1-2 weeks prior to the beginning of each semester that they are attending to schedule an appointment to receive the letters of accommodations. This appointment should take 15-20 minutes and is facilitated by the student personnel assistant.

It is important to call or come and check-in with DSPS staff, even if the student feels like they will not need some of their accommodations for the semester. This will insure that you do not lose priority registration.