Alternative Media Requests

Are you a student of DSPS with alternative media accommodations? Alternative media requests should be made as soon as you buy your books for the semester and require that a student provide proof of their purchase to staff. Ideally, alternative media requests should reach DSPS before the start of the semester to ensure that all students receive their material in a timely fashion. The faster you submit a request, the sooner you will receive your material.

How to Place an Alternative Media Request

  1. Complete the Adobe PDFAlternative Media Request Form (PDF). Please fill out the form completely as an incomplete request may be delayed until all information is received. The picture below provides an example of a complete form. If you need help filling out your form, please schedule a meeting with the Alternative Media Specialist or one of your DSPS counselors. 
  2. screenshot of filled in Alternative Media Request FormPlease provide DSPS with copies or photographs of your textbook purchase receipts. For online orders, forward your purchase confirmation to DSPS staff.
  3. When the form is completed, please click on the red "Send" button in the upper righthand corner and it will be emailed to the Alternative Media Specialist, or you can print it out and deliver it to the office.
  4. Your request will be processed and delivered to you via email, or you may pick it up at the DSPS office. Please allow up to three weeks to complete your request.

Alternative Media

Audio Books

Audio books can be generated from the text of documents and books and then saved in a compatible format, like MP3. Audio-based textbooks can be used in conjunction with traditional textbooks to increase comprehension and speed of reading. 

Electronic Formats

Students with alternative media accommodations can also request their textbooks in electronic format, like PDF or DOCX. These files are often used by students who utilize "speech to text" software to engage with their academic material. If you're interested in learning about screen readers, see our Assistive Technology Resources page.

Learning Ally

Learning Ally is a program and service that provides digital textbooks and novels read aloud by a human voice, as some students prefer the natural sound of a human reader. Learning Ally has a limited library, so please be aware that your request may not be possible to fulfill through Learning Ally.


Books in braille format are available upon request. 


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