Need help finding a textbook or course reserve item? Contact a librarian at (916) 608-6612 or visit the Research Desk in the library.

Textbooks and Course Reserves FAQ

What are textbook reserves?

Reserves are materials that instructors have made available to all students in their classes. Items that may be placed on reserve include textbooks, articles, chapters, videos, class notes, study guides, and other course materials. Both library-owned and instructor-owned materials may be placed on reserve.

How do I find my textbook?

Search for your textbook using the form above.

  • Enter department, course number, and your instructor's last name. Select Find It.
  • No results? Try adding the author's last name and the book's title in the search box.
  • Still no results? Ask a librarian for assistance by calling (916) 608-6612 or visiting the Research Desk.

How do I find the call number?

Once you've located the book in the search results, click on the title to see all available locations. Choose your preferred campus and look for the call number directly below the availability and location details.

FLC Library Call Number example

How long can I borrow a textbook or reserve item?

Most items have a two-hour loan period, although some can be checked out for longer. The loan period is determined by the instructor.

Where are textbooks and reserve items located?

Textbooks and reserves are kept behind the Circulation Desk and are not available for browsing. Please bring the appropriate call number to the Circulation Desk to retrieve the item.

Can textbooks and reserve materials be taken out of the library?

Reserve items with two-hour loans must remain in the library. Items with longer loan periods may be taken out of the library.