Folom Lake College library

The Folsom Lake College Library provides students with the information skills they need to be successful in their educational endeavors, careers, and as information consumers and creators throughout their lives.

As librarians, we enable students to use the library's information resources, whether within or beyond our walls. As instructors, we teach students how to find, evaluate, and use information effectively. As experts in knowledge resources, we support other disciplines by selecting the most accurate, fair, diverse, relevant, comprehensive and current sources available.

As library staff, we assist with the daily library services our students need. We make every effort to keep all library operations running smoothly and efficiently to facilitate student learning.

The library offers a sanctuary in which to study, read, and think, whether alone or with others. As librarians, we seek to instill the value of books and ideas and an appreciation of the rich history of human thought. The library strives to serve as a place of intellectual freedom and educational growth for the Folsom Lake College community.

Library Hours

Folsom Lake College Library Hours

Library Hours

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El Dorado Center Library

El Dorado Center Library

El Dorado Center Library

Browse books, meet your study group, use the computers, or work on a puzzle at the EDC Library in Building A.

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Rancho Cordova Center Library Services

Rancho Cordova Center

Rancho Cordova Center Library Services

Check out textbooks at the RCC Learning Resource Center in RCC1-203.

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Library Courses (LIBR)

Library Courses for Credit


We offer a one unit, online course on research skills and information literacy.

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