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Student-Athlete Counseling

Student-athletes have their own unique set of enrollment guidelines to follow and eligibility requirements to meet. All new and returning student-athletes are required to meet with our Athletic Counselor. 

Planning your academic program is not a task to take lightly. Each student-athlete arrives with different levels of academic ability, preparation, and motivation. Each major requires a different pattern of courses and each university has its own course numbering system and requirements. Don’t ever assume that you know the “road” to your academic plan. Always discuss developments and changes in your academic plan with the Athletic Counselor.

Prepping For Your Meeting

  • Know your purpose! Write down any questions you may have and do your own research on discussion items prior to your arrival.
  • Determine your English and math placement based on your high school records placement (we recommend you bring a copy of your high school transcript with you to your appointment).
  • You MUST bring an unofficial copy of your transcripts to your meeting with the Athletic Counselor if they are not already on file with Admissions & Records.

When You Arrive

At the Main Folsom campus, go to Gymnasium G-180 and check in at the front desk. Have your Los Rios student ID number available. Please tell the person working at the front desk that you are there to see the Athletic Counselor and that you are a student-athlete and what sport you play.

Things To Know

Student Education Plans (SEPs)

Prior to the beginning of athletic participation, the athlete must complete a Student Education Plan (SEP) (transcripts required) with the Athletic Counselor and review this plan at least once per semester. Fall sport athletes must have the SEP completed by October 15; spring sport athletes must complete it by March 1. Failure to complete SEPs by the specified date will result in the athlete being ineligible for competition.

At the start of the third week of classes, a hold is placed on all student-athletes’ records that prevent the student from making any changes to their current registration. Athletic Counselor approval is required for all program changes. This approval process prevents student-athletes from making mistakes that render them ineligible.


There are numerous rules and regulations regarding athletic eligibility set forth by the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA). The most pertinent for you to be familiar with are listed below:

  • Student-athletes are required to be continuously and actively enrolled and attending class in a minimum of 12 units (9 of which must be toward an academic goal) to remain eligible during their season of sport. If at any time during the season the student drops below 12 units, they are ruled ineligible to compete and remain ineligible until their unit load returns to at least 12 units. FLC student-athletes may take courses at any of the Los Rios District colleges in order to meet the 12 unit minimum. The student athlete must also be enrolled in the appropriate intercollegiate sport class at FLC.
  • Student-athletes planning to participate in a second season of the sport must complete and pass a minimum of 24 units (18 of which must be academic) between seasons of competition (including the semester of first competition). These units must be completed prior to the beginning of the semester of the second season of sport. Student-athletes must also complete at least 6 units during their last full-time (load of 12 units or more) semester prior to their second sport season.
  • A student-athlete who has competed in a college sport must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in order to be eligible for any subsequent sport season, computed since the start of the semester of the first competition.
  • A student-athlete who has competed in any sport at another California community college within the past two years must complete 12 units in residency at Folsom Lake College before they are eligible to compete in athletics. The student-athlete must provide the Athletic Counselor with official transcripts from their previous college. (If two or more years have passed since last competing at a postsecondary institution, the 12 unit rule shall be waived).

Transfer / NCAA, NAIA Considerations

Student-athletes planning to transfer to a 4-year institution should schedule regular meetings with the Athletic Counselor in order to monitor academic progress. NCAA rules are very specific regarding 2-year college transfers; many student-athletes have missed an athletic scholarship opportunity because they did not complete enough units in their major at the 2-year college. Please continue to monitor your transfer progress with the Athletic Counselor. For more information, view the Adobe PDFNCAA Transfer Guide (PDF).


Amber Longhitano
Athletic Counselor
(916) 608-6537


Main Folsom campus
Gymnasium G-180