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Student Government


Folsom Lake College Student Government

Folsom Lake College's student government curriculum is designed for students interested in developing their leadership skills and participating in planning and organizing college activities. They are open to all students. Student government is a pathway to participating in the Associated Students of Folsom Lake College (ASFLC) organization representing the student body.

Students who enroll in SGVT 300 are voting members of either the ASFLC Student Senate or Club and Events Board (CAEB). They will also have the opportunity to serve on a variety of college committees and attend leadership conferences.


  • Develop leadership skills by working with student activities, clubs, and the ASFLC.
  • Represent the student voice to the college and community.
  • Attend leadership conferences and workshops.
  • Participate on college committees to help develop and determine policy as it relates to student issues.


The Associated Students of Folsom Lake College (ASFLC) is committed to creating a unique and inviting college atmosphere by facilitating opportunities for students to socialize, join clubs, volunteer, and much more.