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Folsom Lake College Music

The Folsom Lake College music curriculum includes vocal and instrumental components, as well as courses on music and music history. The curriculum in music is designed to provide students with a foundation in music to gain an appreciation of, and an interest in, pursuing music as a hobby or career.

Career Options

Live Sound Technician

Students who complete the program will be prepared for employment as live sound technicians in concert halls, music venues, theaters, houses of worship, at music festivals, and for other events utilizing a public address system.

Music Entrepreneurship

  • Church Music Direction
  • Composer
  • Instrumental Performance
  • Music Education
  • Music Store Employment & Management
  • Public & Private Teaching
  • Vocal Performance

Some career options may require more than two years of college study. Classes beyond the associate degree may be required to fulfill some career options or for preparation for transfer to a university program.


  • Various avenues for vocal performance – college chorus, choir, chamber singers
  • Very talented and highly motivated faculty and staff