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Try It Out – Talk It Out

The Los Rios colleges have partnered with BetterMynd – an online therapy platform – to offer students access to free, confidential, and convenient teletherapy sessions from a diverse network of licensed mental health therapists.

How to Get Started


Quickly and easily sign up for an account through your college's unique BetterMynd portal. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes.

Register and Get Started with BetterMynd

Find a Therapist

Easily explore BetterMynd's extensive and diverse network of therapists to find the therapist that's exactly right for you and your needs.

Schedule a Session

See your therapist's availability and make an appointment for a time that works with your schedule, including nights and weekends.

Show Up for Your Session

Just log in to BetterMynd to easily attend your secure and confidential video-therapy session from the privacy of anywhere you can bring your laptop or smartphone.

BetterMynd FAQ