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College Hour: How to Live Within Your Budget

"Save your pennies!"  How often have we heard this over the years? From a young age we're encouraged to save for the future, but what happens when we must use those pennies? How do we know we'll be able to effectively manage our utility bills, rent, and food costs (not to mention fun expenses, like entertainment, etc.)? Is it possible to handle all our expenses and still have something left in the bank at the end of the month, "for the future"? The thought of trying to figure it all out can leave some people filled with dread.

Managing money doesn't have to be dreadful, though, if we create a realistic budget. Budgets give us an action plan and clear picture of where our money goes each month. This event will introduce us to the basics of budgeting like how to start a budget and manage that budget when our income fluctuates. We'll also learn about:

  • Budgeting tools
  • Determining income and expenses
  • Prioritizing bills
  • Setting savings goals 

The presenter, Gina Reneé Richardson, is a Certified Financial Educator and change agent who uses her life experiences and high-energy, approachable style to teach leadership and organizational skills that prepare her students to achieve financial stability and success. Gina leads financial-wellness workshops at many of Sacramento’s top companies and organizations. 

All students and employees of the Los Rios Community College District are encouraged to attend.

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