In-Person Orientation

Attend an In-Person Orientation at the Main Folsom campus, the El Dorado Center, or the Rancho Cordova Center. The In-Person Orientation is approximately 3 hours long.

Special Orientations: We offer special orientations for students with disabilites. See below for more information!

To register for an In-Person Orientation

  1. Click on the campus link below for where you would like to attend an orientation.
  2. Use your Los Rios Student ID Number and your date of birth to register.
  3. Check your Los Rios Gmail. All confirmation and reminder emails will be sent automatically to your Los Rios Gmail Account.

Sign-Up for Main Folsom Campus Orientation

Sign-Up for El Dorado Center Orientation

Sign-Up for Rancho Cordova Center Orientation

Having Trouble registering? 

Special Orientations

We offer special orientations that are tailored to fit the needs of students with disabilities.

Did you have an IEP or 504 in high school, or any kind of learning, physical or psychological disability? Attend a DSPS Orientation to learn about the resources and accommodations that are available to you, as well as the steps you will complete as a new student. 

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