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Transfer Student Admission and Enrollment Steps

You are considered a transfer student if you have previously attended college outside of the Los Rios Community College District (American River College, Cosumnes River College, Folsom Lake College, or Sacramento City College). If you took college classes while in high school, then you are considered a first-time college student.

Not a Transfer Student?

If you are not a transfer student, then you may need to follow different steps. Find out what type of student you are and get the correct steps for you!

What Type of Student Are You?

Apply to Folsom Lake College

If you have never taken classes at Los Rios, or if it has been more than one semester since you have taken a class at any Los Rios college, then you will need to submit a new application through CCCApply. All California Community Colleges have an open enrollment policy, which means you can apply year-round. However, it's best to apply early to improve your priority registration date and get the best choices for classes.

Students who submit an application without a social security number (SSN), work authorization SSN, or individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) will need to fill out a Student ID Help Form to process their application and receive their student ID number.

Selecting a Major/Goal

If you're unsure what you want to study, explore careers with PathwayU – a free tool for students to explore where their interests, values, personality, and workplace preferences intersect with career fields and programs of study available at Folsom Lake College. Start by completing the simple PathwayU assessments and see where the results take you!

Students who select "undecided" as their major/goal are not eligible for financial aid. We encourage you to select what you are most interested in right now.

Students Must Reside in California

Students who are not physically located in California may not enroll in online courses offered by Folsom Lake College. Folsom Lake College is not authorized to provide education outside the boundaries of the State of California.

Apply to FLC

Save Money – Apply for Financial Aid

Financial aid is any source of funds that help you pay for college. We recommend that you submit a financial aid application to see what you qualify for! 

Folsom Lake College's federal school code is 038713.

The FAFSA is the gateway to most federal and state financial aid opportunities for US citizens, permanent residents, and eligible non-citizens, including:

Learn More About Financial Aid

Set Up eServices and Los Rios Gmail

eServices is Los Rios' online student portal where students manage their information, records, classes, and more.

After your application is processed, you will receive an email with your Los Rios student ID number (also known as a "W" number or "wID"). This is a seven-digit number with a preceding "W"; for example, W0000001.

You will use your Los Rios ID and password to log in to multiple services, including Canvas, eServices, Los Rios Gmail, and instructional lab computers.

Create Password

Complete Orientation

New student orientation gives you important information to help you succeed in college.

You'll receive guidance with the enrollment process and connect with your success coach, who is your go-to person at Folsom Lake College. You will also learn how to choose classes and meet with a counselor.

View Orientation

Submit Your Transcripts

If you attended a college outside of Los Rios, then you can provide college transcripts to help with the enrollment process.

Math and English Prerequisite Clearance

Prerequisites for all 300-level mathematics courses (MATH and STAT) and English courses (ENGWR, ENGED, and ENGCW) must be cleared prior to enrollment.

If you completed the equivalent prerequisite course with a grade of "C" or better at a college or university that is on the Los Rios Math Prerequisite Clearance List or English Prerequisite Clearance List then do the following:

If you did not find your course on the prerequisite clearance list but believe you have the knowledge or ability to succeed in an English or math course through other college/university coursework (or other credentials), then you may challenge the prerequisite via the challenge process. Follow the guidelines set forth and submit your form to the English or math department. If approved, then the department will clear you to enroll.

Challenge a Prerequisite or Corequisite (Other Than English and Math Courses)

If you have not completed the prerequisite or corequisite of a course at a Los Rios college but believe you qualify to enroll in the course because of other coursework or knowledge, then you may challenge a prerequisite or corequisite through the instructional department. You may submit the Prerequisite Challenge Form and unofficial transcripts as evidence.

Foreign Transcript Evaluation

Students who want to use coursework from a foreign college or university need to have their transcript(s) evaluated. We do not give credit for coursework that is from high school, remedial, or post-baccalaureate in nature.

When to Submit Official Transcripts

Folsom Lake College requires official transcripts and test scores from colleges and universities outside of Los Rios if your goal is to petition for a degree or certificate from FLC. Official transcripts are also required if you apply for financial aid or veterans' educational benefits.

Submit Transcripts

Meet With a Counselor

Make an appointment with a counselor to create or update an educational plan and pick classes.

Enroll in Classes

You can enroll in classes online via eServices during or after your enrollment appointment window.

You will be assigned an enrollment appointment, which is the earliest date and time you can enroll in classes. You can find your enrollment appointment in eServices.

You can enroll in classes at multiple Los Rios colleges. To do this, log in to eServices and follow these steps:

  1. Click Manage Classes.
  2. Click Add Another College.
  3. Follow the instructions to add the college where you want to take classes for the selected term.

Enroll in Classes

Pay Your Fees

Pay your fees soon after you enroll to avoid being dropped.

Your tuition and fees are due soon after you enroll in classes. You may be dropped if your fees are not paid by the fee payment deadline. This is true even if you enroll in a class that starts later in the semester.

You can see how much you owe in eServices. From your dashboard, click Financial Account, then Account Balance.

Pay Fees in eServices

Email Steps

Get Help