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Allied Health

Allied Health (AH) Courses

AH 109 Direct Caregiver Training: Adult and Elderly

  • Units:1.5
  • Hours:27 hours LEC; 6 hours LAB
  • Prerequisite:None.
  • Catalog Date:June 1, 2021

This course provides direct caregivers the initial 20-hour component (of 40 hours total) required prior to working independently with residents in residential care communities for elderly (RCFE) settings. Topics include those required by state law: personal care services; physical limitations and psychosocial needs of the elderly; residents’ rights; medication management; emergency management; dementia care; postural supports, and cultural competency. California law, specifically Health and Safety Code section 1569.625, dictates the initial 40 hours of direct caregivers training. *RCFE employees must meet specific requirements prior to hire. Students should consider these requirements prior to registering for the course. All employees must pass a criminal background check, and possess the physical and mental ability to perform direct caregiver work. Please reference California Assisted Living Association:

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • describe protocols relevant to care of residents with postural supports, restricted conditions, or in hospice care.
  • give examples of psychosocial needs of the elderly.
  • demonstrate understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias including communication challenges and behaviors.
  • demonstrate understanding of cultural influences and how lack of awareness may lead to poor resident outcomes.

AH 311 Medical Language for Health-Care Providers

  • Units:3
  • Hours:54 hours LEC
  • Prerequisite:None.
  • Transferable:CSU (effective Summer 2021)
  • Catalog Date:June 1, 2021

This course provides an orientation to medical language including basic structure of medical term prefixes, suffixes, and roots, and combining forms with emphasis on analysis, spelling, and pronunciation. The course builds a medical vocabulary applicable to the specialties of medicine, the systems of the body, names of major diseases, and terms used in physical examination, diagnosis, and treatment. The purchase of a standard medical dictionary is required. This course was formerly known as AH 110.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • analyze the structural design of medical terms and understand the meaning of combinations of word elements.
  • spell and pronounce medical terms.
  • utilize medical terms correctly as they apply to the systems of the body - anatomy, physiology, disease, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • interpret medical abbreviations and descriptive terms.
  • translate healthcare reports and records into plain English words.