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In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Los Rios Colleges have begun 100% remote operations including moving all classes and student services online until further notice.

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The Career & Transfer Center (CTC) is a resource center designed to support Folsom Lake College students in the areas of choosing a major, career exploration, career counseling, job preparation, and transfer preparation and planning.

Career Development and Major Selection

Services designed to prepare students to make informed career and major selection decisions that are compatible with their interests, values, preferences, and life goals. Services include:

  • Major and career exploration and selection program (Career Encounter)
  • Research guidance and support staff
  • Career counseling
  • Computer lab, hardcopy, and virtual resources
  • Workshops, activities, and events

Choosing a Major Services

What is a "major?"
A major is a specific subject or interest area that students specialize in. Typically, between one-third to one-half of the courses you take in college will be in your major or related to it. Please note: As part of the Student Success Initiative, California Community College Students are required to identify a program of study (choose a major) by three semesters (or 15 units) or they will lose their priority registration status.

Do you need help choosing or confirming your major and your career direction?
We're here to help! Our Career Encounter Program moves you through essential exploration and research designed to help you determine the area of interest that "fits" who you are and aligns with your life goals. Included in the Career Encounter Program, our career counseling services provide comprehensive, occupational interest guidance and college major selection and planning that supports knowledgeable and informed career and major selection choices.

We know what an important decision students are making when choosing a major, which is why we created our Career Encounter Program - a structured career and major exploration platform with step-by-step (click-by-click) instructions and guidance. While there is no set time-frame for participating in the Career Encounter Program, undecided and unsure students will benefit from early participation, because determining a career interest and choosing a major focuses your academic planning and motivates you to do your very best! Our Career Encounter Program includes the following steps:

  • Self-Discovery: Define your interests, personality and values, and determine how you prefer to work, play, learn, and live.
  • Intro to Career Pathways: Establish your general interest area(s) and narrow your search for the perfect career fit.
  • Decision Making and Goal Setting: Improve your decision making skills and become a better decision maker and goal setter/planner.
  • Cost of Preferred Lifestyle: Determine your future lifestyle and create a budget based on your choices.
  • Career Exploration: Explore careers within your interest area(s) while keeping "what fits me" at the center of your exploration.
  • Choosing a Major and Career Counseling: Bring it all together and choose a major that is meaningful to you and fits your life and success goals.
  • Create a Professional Resume: Create a professional resume specific to your chosen career field.

To participate in the Career Encounter Program
Drop by the Career & Transfer Center, or call (916) 608-6526 and make an appointment for a short program orientation, and to receive the program materials. The Career Encounter Program is available to FLC students free of charge. While there is no set time frame for participating in the Career Encounter Program, undecided and unsure students benefit from early participation as determining a career interest and choosing a major motivates our students and focuses their academic planning. The majority of the program is completed online, at the student’s convenience, while CTC staff and career counseling is available for guidance and assistance.

Transfer Preparation and Planning

Services are geared toward assisting students in exploring post-secondary educational options while providing support and guidance on the steps necessary to transfer to a four-year college or university. Services include:

  • Comprehensive transfer counseling
  • Drop-in transfer counseling and application review
  • University representative visits
  • College fairs
  • University campus events and tours
  • University application and transfer workshops
  • Workshops, events, and university tours

Job Preparation and Planning

Services designed to prepare students for employment while attending college and Job preparation for future careers. Services include:

  • Resume and cover letter construction
  • Interviewing skills development
  • Job search support
  • Job application assistance
  • Workshops, activities, and events

Career & Transfer Events


Sac State Spring 2021 Admissions Eligibility Workshop

Zoom audio/video conferencing
from 12:00 to 1:00 pm

(916) 608-6526

Career & Transfer Center Staff

During remote operations, our CSUS and UC Davis Transfer Service Representatives may be reached directly:

Carlos Rubio
Admissions and Outreach Counselor
Sacramento State University
Transfer Admission
Covid-19 Response
Sacramento State University

Ella Lam, MS
Admissions Analyst & Advisor
Transfer Opportunity Program Diplomat
Undergraduate Admissions
University of California, Davis
Transfer Admission
Covid-19 Response
UC Davis

NOTE: All students must have a UC TAP (Transfer Admission Planner) completed prior to their UC Davis counseling appointment. If they do not have one in place, their appointment will be rescheduled. Complete the UC TAP


Monday to Friday:
8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Closed Fridays July 2020
Closed July 20 through 24, 2020

Currently all services provided online


Main Folsom campus
Falcon's Roost FR-115 (Lower Level)

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