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Innovation Center Makerspace

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The Innovation Center Makerspace is a student resource located at the Main Folsom campus in Aspen Hall FL1-130 dedicated to the exploration of knowledge and Making. We connect students with Makerships, short internships designed to introduce students to the real world field in which they would work. We also hold many free student workshops, are home to the Folsom Lake College eSports team, as well as play host to the Math and Science club. 

We believe in being a safe space for all students; from students interested in fiber arts or that like to tinker, to those that want to relax by playing video games in our living room or make music in our studio. The Innovation Center Makerspace is a great space for students from different cliques to get together to contribute to their community, both in the school setting and in the larger world.

Make a Difference!


Main Folsom campus
Aspen Hall FL1-130