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Harris Center for the Arts

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Train here. Train with the best.

Harris Center for the Arts logoFolsom Lake College is home to the renowned regional visual and performing arts center, the Harris Center for the Arts. The Harris Center for the Arts seeks to enrich the lives of people throughout California’s capital region by providing venues and opportunities to experience artistic work, celebrate cultural traditions, and participate in the creative process.

It does this through the operation of a 80,000 square foot regional arts facility opened in 2011 on the Main Folsom campus, and an evolving array of vibrant programs geared for people of all ages and backgrounds. Among these,

  • Presentations bring artists from around the world to the Center to perform and share;
  • Partnerships make the Center a home for local artists and arts organizations; and
  • Productions are works created and/or developed on-site.

This unique partnership blending education with the arts allows students in FLC’s instructional programs to train with acclaimed international and local artists in a state-of-the-art facility.

To put it simply, the visual and performing arts at Folsom Lake College are thriving. Students have an array of classes to choose from, backed up by practical opportunities in art, dance, music, and theatre. Our talented faculty - many of whom are working artists in their own right - are committed to providing students and the surrounding communities with a variety of engaging performances and exhibitions throughout the year.

Some opportunities to participate in the arts include attending shows at a student discount, working as a student employee at the Harris Center, as well as participating in:


Falcon's Eye Theatre's "The Who's Tommy!"

Falcon’s Eye Theatre is the production arm of the Department of Theatre and Cinema at Folsom Lake College. Falcon’s Eye produced its first season of plays in 2007, and has been offering two productions each year ever since. The company is known for creating provocative theatre that looks into what it means to be alive and how we manage to live together. Students and community members are encouraged to audition for the productions and serve as on-stage or technical talent. Learn more about FLC's Theatre Arts instructional offerings.


MOSAIC Dance Company

Folsom Lake College’s MOSAIC Dance Company performs a variety of dance styles including ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary, African dance, and theatrical dance styles. The name derives from the group representation of a MOSAIC of diverse people, with different bodies, colors, shapes and sizes, ethnicities, religious affiliations, and ideological positionings…a MOSAIC not just of dance, but of life! Each semester is capped off with the its signature “Evening of Dance” event featuring an all-student cast. Since 2007, FLC’s dance program has trained MOSAIC dancers who have had the opportunity to tour in places such as Hawaii, New York, and Los Angeles as performers. Learn more about FLC's Dance Studies instructional offerings.


The Afro Caribbean Funk Band

Folsom Lake College music ensembles, solo performance studies, and creative music studies provide students with the opportunity to develop performance skills by the study of music through performance with a capstone experience in public performance. Students have the opportunity to join the 80-member strong college choir or instrumental ensembles ranging from jazz fusion to Afro-Caribbean Funk to traditional orchestras. Additional classes in commercial music performance and technology introduce students to the latest developments in the field. Learn more about FLC's Music instructional offerings.

Visual Arts

Art student Jacob Goodwin

Folsom Lake College’s visual arts department seeks to give every student a solid foundation of concepts and skills that will lead to an open exploration of the historic, aesthetic, fine, and applied aspects of the visual arts. Visual arts students are instructed in a wide range of styles, techniques, and approaches supported by FLC Visual Arts faculty. Each spring, students have the opportunity of a public exhibition with the FLC Student Art Show held in the Harris Center’s Bank of America Gallery. Learn more about FLC's Art instructional offerings.

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