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Dr. Chuck Brown

Adjunct Professor

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Current Courses

ENGR303 - Introduction to Logic Design

This is an introductory course in the fundamentals of designing digital logic circuits and its application to computer architecture. This course covers: logic gates, binary number system, conversion between number systems, Boolean algebra, Karnaugh maps, combinational logic, sequential logic design, flip-flops, counters, registers, memories, state machines, designing combinational logic and state machines into programmable logic devices (PLDs), and basic computer architecture. The lab is design oriented and emphasizes the use of hardware descriptive language software entry, schematic entry, and logic simulation tools. Lab assignments are design oriented. This course is required for Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering majors at select universities. This course is also helpful for Computer Science majors, electronics technicians, and for students wishing to sample computer engineering.

CISC 317 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

This course introduces students to the basics of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science, explore use cases and applications of AI, understand AI concepts and terms like computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks. Students will be exposed to various issues and concerns surrounding AI such as ethics and bias.