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    Many Libraries throughout the world are reproducing hard copy collections in hypertext format, making their full-text digital resources globally accessible via the Internet. The following compilation of websites provides immediate access to many ongoing digital research projects.


    Alexandria Digital Library Project: "Welcome to the Alexandria Digital Library Project (ADL). The goal of this project is to develop a globally distributed georeferenced digital library. Project research focuses on the following: Digital Earth, Digital Learning Environments—the ADEPT project, Digital Library Architecture, Evaluation, Knowledge Organization Systems—KOS and Textual Geospatial Integration—TGI.


    Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE - Digital Collections: "The Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE builds digital collections and services while providing information and support to digital library developers worldwide. They are sponsored by The Library, U.C. Berkeley and Sun Microsystems, Inc."


    California Digital Library: "The California Digital Library supports the assembly and creative use of the world's scholarship and knowledge for the University of California libraries and the communities they serve. In addition, the CDL provides tools that support the construction of online information services for research, teaching, and learning, including services that enable the UC libraries to effectively share their materials and provide greater access in digital content."


    Catherwood Digital Collections: "This repository features the scholarship of ILR’s faculty and researchers, along with collections of digital material selected by the reference librarians and archivists at Catherwood."


    Cornell University Library: This digital library provides links to the following digital collections at Cornell University Library: The Making of America Collection, Samuel May Anti-Slavery Collection, Historic Monograph Collection, Historic Math Book Collection, Ezra Cornell Papers, New York State Historical Collection, International Women's Periodicals, Cornell University Image Collections, The Core Historical Literature of Agriculture, The Home Economics Archives, and The NEH Agricultural Collection.


    Council of State Archivists: "Working collectively through their membership in CoSA, the State Archivists encourage cooperation among the states on matters of mutual interest, define and communicate archival and records concerns at a national level, and work with the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), National Archives (NARA), and other national organizations to ensure that the nation's documentary heritage is preserved and accessible."


    Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative: "The form and content of cuneiform tablets dating from the beginning of writing, ca. 3350 BC, until the end of the pre-Christian era. We estimate the number of these documents currently kept in public and private collections to exceed 500,000 exemplars, of which now nearly 225,000 have been catalogued in electronic form."


    D-Lib Forum: Including Digital Library Magazine: "D-Lib Magazine is a solely electronic publication with a primary focus on digital library research and development, including but not limited to new technologies, applications, and contextual social and economic issues."


    Digital Games Research Association Digital Library: "Online archive of the research presented and published in games research conferences and seminars, and thereby facilitate spread of knowledge in this research field."


    Digital and Virtual Libraries: Digital Library holdings available by specific subject headings. Provided by Academic Info search engine.


    Digital Libraries: Resources and Projects: Includes electronic collections from the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions containing Library and Information Science, Digital Libraries, Government Information and Official Publication Resources, Internet and Networking, and Information Policies.


    Digital Library Federation: "DLF provides leadership and support for new research, standards development, and project start-ups."


    Digital Library of Congress - American Memory Historical Collections for the National Digital Library: "American Memory is a gateway to rich primary source materials relating to the history and culture of the United States. The site offers more than 7 million digital items from more than 100 historical collections."


    Digital Library of Information Science and Technology: "A cross-institutional, subject-based, open access digital archive for the Information Sciences, including Archives and Records Management, Library and Information Science, Information Systems, Museum Informatics, and other critical information infrastructures. The dLIST vision is to serve as a dynamic archive in the Information Sciences, broadly understood, and positively impact and shape scholarly communication in our closely related fields."


    Digital Standards and Practices: "The Digital Library Federation identifies, documents, organizationally endorses, and promotes adoption of those standards and best practices that support the effective acquisition, interchange, persistence, and assessment of digital library collections and services. "


    Electronic Books and Virtual Libraries in 26 Languages: This site includes electronic texts and literature collections available in 26 different languages searchable by author, title or keyword.


    Electronic Text Center - University of Virginia: "The Electronic Text Center's holdings include approximately 70,000 on- and off-line humanities texts in thirteen languages, with more than 350,000 related images (book illustrations, covers, manuscripts, newspaper pages, page images of Special Collections books, museum objects, etc.)"


    European Library: "The European Library is a non-commercial organisation. It provides the services of a physical library and the opportunity to benefit from a virtual environment in 20 languages. This website allows users to search through the resources of 23 of the 47 national libraries involved in The European Library. Resources can be both digital or bibliographical (books, posters, maps, sound recordings, videos, etc.)."


    Global Gateway: World Culture and Resources: This site offers materials collected from all over the globe. Its collections of foreign-language materials are stunning in their scope and quality. For many areas of the world, such as China, Russia, and Latin America, its collections are the finest and most comprehensive research collections outside the country of origin. For several regions in the world, where preserving materials takes a back seat to more immediate human needs, the collections are superior to what is available locally.


    Guide to Digital Collections: "This guide to digital collections is a project of the UNH Library Digital Collections Initiative. Search for collections by key word in the box below or use the subjects list."


    Gutenberg Project: This online collection of free books are searchable by author or title can be read in full-text online. Most of the books available are in the public domain in the United States and are therefore free of copyright restrictions.


    Gutenberg Project, Australia: This site, like Project Gutenberg, generally takes titles in the public domain and puts them on the Web in plain text and HTML format. All the major sections in this project relate to free e-books by Australian writers or about Australia.


    HathiTrust Digital Library: This site is a digital preservation repository and access platform providing long-term preservation and access services for public domain and in copyright content from a variety of sources, including Google, the Internet Archive, Microsoft, and in-house partner institution initiatives.


    Internet Public Library - IPL: "The Internet Public Library is hosted by the University of Michigan and edited by volunteer librarians. It has extensive subject categories with well-chosen and well-annotated sites."


    JISC Digital Libraries: "Inspiring UK colleges and universities in the innovative use of digital technologies, JISC provides: JANET Access to electronic resources; new environments for learning, teaching and research; guidance on institutional change, and advisory and consultancy services."


    MetaLib: "The U.S. Government Printing Office disseminates official information from all three branches of the Federal Government." Use this search engine to find government documents in multiple U.S. Federal government databases. Resources include Congressional Bills, Congressional Record, Public and Private Laws, United States Code, Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Register, Presidential Materials and the Supreme Court Website.


    Mountain West Digital Library: This site central search portal for digital collections about the Mountain West region, Providding free access to over 690,000 resources from universities, colleges, public libraries, museums, historical societies, and government agencies, counties, and municipalities in Utah, Nevada, and other parts of the U.S. West.


    New York Public Library Digital Library Collection: "Provides 'free and open access to the accumulated wisdom of the world' in the digital realm. The Digital Library Collection website provides online access to collections of unique and rare materials of value to students, creators, scholars, and educators through searchable archival finding aids, full-text documents, digital surrogates and guides to images, and born-digital materials."


    New Zealand Digital Library: This portal provides access to a large collection of documents in the Humanity Development Library; Medical and Health Library; World Environment Library; Food Nutrition, and Agricultural Library; plus Global UN collections.


    Online Archive of California: "A core component of the California Digital Library, the Online Archive of California (OAC) is a digital information resource that facilitates and provides access to materials such as manuscripts, photographs, and works of art held in libraries, museums, archives, and other institutions across California."


    Perseus Digital Library-Tufts University: "An evolving digital library, engineering interactions through time, space, and language. Our primary goal is to bring a wide range of source materials to as large an audience as possible. We anticipate that greater accessibility to the sources for the study of the humanities will strengthen the quality of questions, lead to new avenues of research, and connect more people through the connection of ideas."


    Portal Digital Library: The Educational Portal of the Americas offers complete access to its Digital Library, a valuable collection of journals and monographs in digital format that represents many out-of-print and/or out-of-stock publications. Here you will also find the catalog of the Columbus Library of the Organization of American States, links to other Digital Libraries throughout the region.


    Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library - Duke University: "Developing an understanding of human experience and culture requires access to historical documentation in many forms and subject areas. The Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library at Duke University preserves such documentation and promotes its use."


    Rare Books and Special Collections at the University of Notre Dame: "This site is designed to facilitate access to descriptions of our collection holdings and the services we offer."


    Scholarly Societies Project: University of Waterloo Electronic Library: "From the earliest days to the present, scholarly societies have played a strong role in publishing serials to discuss scholarly research in their areas of interest." This website has provided full-text archives of the serial publications of scholarly societies.


    Stanford Digital Library Technologies: "The Stanford Digital Library Technologies Project was initiated in July as part of the Federally funded Digital Library Initiative Phase 2. The goal of this Project is to design and implement the infrastructure and services needed for collaboratively creating, disseminating, sharing and managing information in a digital library context."


    Universal Digital Library: Carnegie Mellon University has digitally preserved literary, artistic, and scientific works, and has made them available without charge in ebook format. "Within 10 years, it is our expectation that the collection will grow to 10 Million books." Browse to find many FREE TEXBOOKS on many academic subjects.


    University of California, Berkeley: Digital Library Project: The UC Berkeley Digital Library Project is developing the tools and technologies to support highly improved models of the "scholarly information life cycle." Our goal is to facilitate the move from the current centralized, discrete publishing model, to a distributed, continuous, and self-publishing model, while still preserving the best aspects of the current model such as peer review.


    University of Chicago - Full Text Digital Library: "The Library creates a variety of online finding aids and retrospectively digitized collections and also supports related initiatives on campus by providing systems administration and programming support to faculty-driven projects and collections."


    University of Illinois Digital Libraries at Urbana Champaign: "Links to Grainger Engineering Library Information Center Digital Library Research Projects."


    University of Michigan Digital Library Collections: This is an ongoing digital project interfacing remote resources with local acquisitions. The Artimis Interface for full text retrieval is still in development.


    University of North Carolina Libraries: This site provides "Primary Resources for the Study of Southern History, Literature, and Culture".


    University of Virginia Library - Electronic Text Center: "Provides free access to any texts that we can legally make publicly available. These texts are not necessarily public domain. The texts that are restricted to UVA or VIVA use are typically commercial products whose vendors place these restrictions on us."


    Virginia Memory Collection: "Since its inception in 1995, the Virginia Tech Library Program digitized more than 2.2 million original documents, photographs, and maps, and produced more than 80 fully-searchable databases, indexes, and electronic finding aids. Due to budget cuts, further development of digital collections has ceased. The projects of the DLP form a significant portion of what we have in our collections and will be available as long as funding permits."


    Virgina Tech Digital Library and Archives: Provides "faculty-edited electronic journals and ETDs completed by VT graduate students. The Special Collections section focuses on preserving and providing access to rare books, manuscript collections, and the University Archives."


    World Digital Library Project: The WDL "makes available on the Internet, free of charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from countries and cultures around the world. Items on the WDL may easily be browsed by place, time, topic, type of item, and contributing institution, or can be located by an open-ended search, in several languages. The WDL was developed by a team at the U.S. Library of Congress, with contributions by partner institutions in many countries; the support of the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO); and the financial support of a number of companies and private foundations. "


    World Wide School: This site is dedicated to the collection, preservation and presentation of educational material.

    Building Digitized Collections: An E-Book in full-text by Abby Smith, Strategies for Builing Digitized Collections brings together nearly "10 years' experience that libraries have had digitizing items from their rare, special, and general collections, and making them available online. The information the author uncovers is extended by several case studies conducted in leading digital libraries with very different digitization programs." Ms Smith is director of programs at the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR).

    Digital Libraries Initiative: Official web site of the Digital Libraries Initiative.


    National Information Standards Organization: NISO has provided in full-text A Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections as an overview of some of the major components and activities involved in creating good digital collections; to identify existing resources that support the development of sound local practices for creating and managing good digital collections; and to encourage community participation in the ongoing development of best practices for digital collection building.


    Search Engine Technology and Digital Libraries: "With the development of the World Wide Web, the "information search" has grown to be a significant business sector of a global, competitive and commercial market. Will Google, Yahoo or Microsoft be the only portals to global knowledge in 2010? If libraries do not want to become marginalized in a key area of their traditional services, they need to acknowledge the challenges that come with the globalisation of scholarly information, the existence and further growth of the academic internet."


    Washington University Digital Gateway: "The Washington University Digital Gateway serves two primary purposes; to serve as a single point of entry for discovery of all digital collections available at Washington University, especially locally-created digital resources, and to provide a similar single point of entry for anyone in the Washington University community interested in developing digital projects"