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Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts: A collection of public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy. Search the digital collection by title or keyword to locate the literary work in full text. The complete texts of all the items in the Alex Catalogue are available by download only.This search engine functions as a concordance to the electronic books retrieveable from this website. This site is maintained by Librarian, Eric Morgan of Infomotions, Inc.


Anthology of Poems: An anthology of poems from many periods and languages, some with study questions.


Bibliomania: A free online source for Literature with hundreds of searchable full-text classics. Major works in American Literature are listed chronologically. In addition this database provides major full-text Reference works.


Bartleby Poetry Anthonlogies: A free index to full-text poetry offered according to author.


Creative Writing Links: A useful list of writing links by genre, prepared by the Majura Women's Group.


Education Portal: Twenty-five helpful websites for creative writers who need information on publishing books. Other sites assist writers in the mechanics of creative writing.


English and American Literature: Literature resources at Indiana University in categories such as General Online Library Resources, Online Journals for Literary Studies, General WWW Literary Studies, Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Literature, and Renaissance and Early Modern Literature 18th Century British Literature, among others.


English Server:This Database Server offers nearly 50 topical websites plus Online Book Collections available in full-text and free-of-charge. Collection topics range from Literature and History to Science and Technology. Hosted at the Iowa State University.


Great Books and Classics: A gateway to the online full-text versions of the Great Books series including the most recent updates and additions. The links are organized by author in chronological order.


Gutenberg Project: This online collection of free books are searchable by author or title can be read in full-text online or downloaded for epub or Kindle in full-text. Most of the books available are in the public domain in the United States and are therefore free of copyright restrictions.


Gutenberg Project, Australia: This site, like Project Gutenberg, generally takes titles in the public domain and puts them on the Web in plain text and HTML format. All the major sections in this project relate to free e-books by Australian writers or about Australia.


Harrold's Education Links: A search engine to loctate by keyword, free full-text eBooks in World Literature.


Hathi Trust Digital Library: " This library is a digital preservation repository and highly functional access platform. It provides long-term preservation and access services for public domain and in copyright content from a variety of sources, including Google, the Internet Archive, Microsoft, and in-house partner institution initiatives." 


Ibiblio: "Home to one of the largest "collections of collections" on the Internet, is a conservancy of freely available information, including software, music, literature, art, history, science, politics, and cultural studies. is a collaboration of the Center for the Public Domain and The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill."


Internet Poetry Archive: Featuring works and biographies of such authors as Phillip Levine, Seamus Heaney, Czelaw Milosz, and Robert Pinsky.


Knowledgerush: Book Directory: A worldwide selection of online literary works from classic out-of-copyright books listed by title or author and searchable through Google.


Library of Congress Collections/WebGuides: "Provided by the Library of Congress, these Web Guides contain a variety of primary sources in the following categories: African American and Women's History; Government; Literature; Performing Arts; Presidents; Technology; and the Military.


Library of Literature: Use the Authors Index to find the full and unabridged texts of many classic works of English literature. Provided by and Knowlegde Matters.


Literature Research Guide for Students: Use this authoritative site for help in writing a research paper. Scholars and librarians have collated some of the best resources for the literary research they provide for footnoting, referencing, and bibliographies. Explore in-depth resources for key literary works.


Literary Gothic: "The Literary Gothic is a Web guide to all things concerned with literary Gothicism, which includes ghost stories, "classic" Gothic novels and Gothic fiction (1764-1820), and related pre- and post-Gothic and supernaturalist literature written prior to the mid-C20. Its target audience is all students and fans of the Gothic, regardless of age, academic level, profession, or just about anything else."


Literary Resources on the Net: This site serves as a literary gateway of available links that are chosen specifically for interested scholars. The site is maintained by Jack Lynch of Rutgers University.


Literature Project: A collection of electronic literature covering classic books, poems, speeches, and plays. "For each piece of literature the site offers online chapter-indexed hypertext that can be easily read and searched.  In addition, each piece includes links to a new eBook version." The e-text for each literary work is available by title.


Luminarium: Anthology of english literature representing the works of authors who wrote during Medieval period, the Renaissance, the 17th Century, and the Restoration period.


Medieval and Renaissance Studies: "The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies is an interdisciplinary unit in the OSU College of Arts and Sciences dedicated to the study of Europe from the end of the Roman Empire through the seventeenth century, as well as comparable cultural developments in non-western countries. CMRS activities promote teaching and research in all aspects of medieval and renaissance culture, including art, music, literature, religion, history, philosophy, and government. CMRS is currently under the direction of Graeme Boone, Professor of Music."


Modern Word: "This site is the Web's largest site devoted to exploring twentieth-century literature and authors." This is an excellent site to find current book reviews.


On-Line Books: This is one of the largest websites for free full-text books online. It has over 20,000 titles including special categories and archives.


Perseus Digital Library: "This digital library contains hundreds of texts from Ancient Greece and Rome and Renaissance England. The texts are accompanied by scholarly essays and images."


Poetry Portal: “Poetry Portal is a directory of worldwide poetry online, a simple-to-use and detailed overview of the fascinating variety of literary productions on the Internet. Locate poetry by country or keyword.”


Poets: This site offers "thousands of poems as well as hundreds of poet biographies, essays, interviews, and poetry recordings-with new material being added constantly. Also available are resources such as the National Poetry Map, a national events calendar, and poetry lesson plans for teachers."


Poet's Corner: "A massive online collection of poetry, with thousands of works from hundreds of poets. Works range from medeival times to the early 20th century. Author, Title, and Subjext indicies available."


Representative Poetry On-Line: "Includes about 2,350 English poems by 368 poets from Caedmon, in the Old English period, to the work of living poets today."


Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography: "The Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography (SEPB) presents selected English-language articles, books, and other printed and electronic sources that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the Internet. Most sources have been published between 1990 and the present; however, a limited number of key sources published prior to 1990 are also included. Where possible, links are provided to sources that are freely available on the Internet."


Shakespeare's Digital Texts: Use this official site to search and download the digital text for all the literary works by William Shakespeare. Provided by the Folger Shakespeare Library.


Virgo Digital Collection: The University of Virginia has a searchable digital collection to full-text books readable online (approximately 1400 titles). Scan or sort by title.


Web Concordances and Workbooks: A literature site containing full- text condordances for the following authors: P.B. Shelley, S.T. Coleridge, John Keats, William Blake, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Gerard Manly Hopkins.


Wright American Fiction-1851-1875: "This is a collection of 19th century American fiction, as listed in Lyle Wright's bibliography American Fiction, 1851-1875. There are currently 2,887 volumes included (2,109 unedited, 778 fully edited and encoded) by 1,394 authors."

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations: "A collection of passages, phrases, and proverbs traced to their sources in ancient and modern literature."(available on


Children's Literature: This comprehensive database of children's literature reviews "more than 4,000 books annually. Founded in 1993 by Marilyn Courtot, a trained librarian. Children's Literature reviewers include book authors, librarians, writers and editors, teachers, children's literature specialists and physicians."


Complete Works of William Shakespeare: This is the web's first edition of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. This site has offered Shakespeare's plays and poetry to the Internet community since 1993.


Creative Writing Research Guide: This page provides a selected list of research resources for creative writers, both in fiction and poetry. Created and maintained by Elizabeth Peterson, Literature Librarian at the University of Oregon.


Critical Thinking: "The International Center for the Assessment of Higher Order Thinking (ICAT) was founded to help colleges and universities design cost-effective ways to evaluate students’ critical thinking abilities. ICAT provides assessment tools which evaluates students’ critical thinking skills and evaluates course designs."


Great Books and Classics: A gateway to the online full-text versions of the Great Books series including the most recent updates and additions. The links are organized by author in chronological order.


Modern Poetry: "This course covers the body of modern poetry, its characteristic techniques, concerns, and major practitioners. The poets covered are: Yeats, Eliot, and Pound, to Stevens, Moore, Bishop, and Frost with additional lectures on the poetry of World War One, Imagism, and the Harlem Renaissance." Lecture and course materials are provided by Professor Langdon Hammer of Yale University.


Open Library: A project of the non-profit Internet Archive and funded in part by a grant from the California State Library, The Open Library project is driven by a consortium of more than 100 academic libraries and private companies. An open semantic wiki that aggregates bibliographic metadata from world’s leading libraries and publishers that includes references to electronic book collections, physical libraries and booksellers, it aims to make every work in the public domain freely available on the Net. Search over 23 million book records and narrow results by facet; over 1 million scanned items are keyword searchable across the full text.


Scholarly and Popular Resources: The the Librarians at the University of Pennsylvania have provided a helpful definition for scholarly and popular resources. This site is useful when clarification is needed to determine the difference.


Shakespeare Online: Providing free, original, and accurate information on Shakespeare to students, teachers, and Shakespeare enthusiasts, the Shakespeare Online website contains the full-text of all writings plus character profiles, quotations, and analysis. Created and maintained by Amanda Mabillard, B.A., a freelance writer specializing in Shakespeare, Renaissance political theory, theatre history, comparative literary history, and linguistic topics in Renaissance literature.


Visual Guide to Citations: EasyBib's Visual Guide to Citations is an automatic bibliography composer for research papers, automatically formating sources quickly and accurately. A service of ImagineEasy Solutions, the Visual Guide to Citations shows students where to find the different pieces of information needed for bibliographies, such as titles, authors, copyright dates, volume numbers, and more. Currently the reference guide only covers MLA citations.