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Doing research on the World Wide Web is a very complex process. The Internet Subject Guide developed by Retired Librarian, Regina Jimenez, provides a more manageable search tool that points students and faculty to a number of extensive subject directories and featured sites organized and selected by librarians and other competent information professionals throughout the world. All the selected subject directories within each subject heading have been carefully selected to support the curricular offerings at Folsom Lake College. This scholarly research guide is dedicated to the students and faculty in the Los Rios Community College District.


By choosing any Library of Congress Subject Heading within the subject menu, students can navigate their way through the World Wide Web link by link. Each link provides access to narrower subject lists from which students can select many specific websites. Students still need to apply good website evaluation techniques available at WebEvaluation.


It will take time to explore the many research possibilities available on this site through subject browsing; however, in most cases this research method may be easier and more effective than the keyword method used by most Search Engines. Most of the sites contain full-text documents and site-specific search engines, making it worthwhile for students to successfully retrieve scholarly resources useful for their research papers.




The Internet Subject Guide contains links to other websites that will be useful to students at Folsom Lake College. The Folsom Lake College Library claims no ownership nor takes any responsibility for the content of these sites.




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