Math 100 Online - Beginning Algebra


Summer 2010 - You are responsible for all of the information contained in the syllabus that follows.


Instructors: Dean Pietromonaco

Tim Curran



Office: EDC-251 (Curran)

FL1-133 (Pietromonaco)


For office hours of instructors, please click on the home pages below.





Home Page:



Syllabus Quiz:

A quiz over this syllabus will be due when you come to take the first exam. The Syllabus Quiz can be accessed by clicking on the following link: SYLLABUS QUIZ



Catalog Description:

This course presents the fundamental concepts and operations of algebra with problem solving skills emphasized throughout. Topics include: properties of real numbers, linear equations and inequalities, integer exponents, polynomials, factoring polynomials, rational expressions and equations, radical expressions and equations, rational exponents, systems of linear equations and inequalities, the rectangular coordinate system, graphs and equations of lines, and solving quadratic equations.



This is a 5-unit course that is degree applicable and may be transferable. Please see a counselor for questions about transferability.



Student Learning Outcomes for MATH 100:


  • evaluate and expand polynomial expressions (including expressions written in scientific notation).
  • report solutions to polynomial operations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • record factors of polynomial expressions by removing common factors, factoring difference of square expressions, and factoring trinomial expressions including perfect square trinomials.
  • apply rules of exponents (including negative exponents) in the simplification of algebraic expressions.
  • solve linear equations, linear formulas (of more than one variable), linear inequalities, and 2x2 systems of linear equations.
  • produce graphs of solution sets of linear equations and linear inequalities in two variables.
  • evaluate and simplify radical expressions and solve equations involving these.
  • solve application problems using algebraic expressions, algebraic equations, algebraic inequalities, and graphing techniques.
  • solve quadratic equations by factoring and using the quadratic formula.



Textbook & Materials:

Beginning Algebra, Seventh Edition ISBN 978-0-321-57375-9. You must buy a book that is bundled with My Math Lab. Written by Tobey-Slatter and Published by Prentice Hall. The Beginning Algebra text can be purchased at the Folsom Lake College Bookstore.





Minimum grade of "C" in Math 30 or successful completion of an assessment test with a recommendation of Math 100. Please note that self-assessment at ARC is not accepted for placement at FLC.



We will check for your proof of meeting the prerequisite during the orientation meeting. Failure to show verification that you have met the prerequisite by the end of the first week on instruction will result in your being dropped from the course.


Course Objectives:

         To introduce students to the structure of the real number system and develop skills in manipulating algebraic expressions.

         To help students develop an understanding of the concepts of algebra and then gain confidence in their ability to apply this understanding to real world problems.

         To help students gain problem-solving skills and become independent learners who are able to take responsibility for the learning process.

         To help prepare students to successfully continue in the further study of math, science or other courses that require algebra if they desire to continue in those studies.



How the online class works:

The course is an online course that uses both a book and an online software system (MyMathLab). You are expected to read the book and complete all online assignments. It is also recommended to complete all of the suggested book work. You should familiarize yourself with the online support services and use them to aid in the successful completion of the required course material. After you have completed required online homework and quizzes, you should come in to FLC or the EDC to take the test during one of the schedule lab hours. You must have Photo ID with you in order to take an exam. You need to take all tests on or before the deadlines specified on the testing information page. It is your responsibility to know and meet these deadlines. No extensions or incompletes will be given.   If you miss an exam and do not contact your instructor within 3 days, you may be dropped from the course.



Getting Help:

Communication with the instructor is available through e-mail or in person at the instructor support hours or office hours.  Students are encouraged to come in for help or test preparation if they need that level of support. An instructor is available for help in the Folsom Lake College Math Reading and Writing Center (FL2-239) and the El Dorado Center Tutoring Center (C-204) during the regularly scheduled lab times. You can get help from and/or take a test during any of these times. No appointment is needed. For testing times and deadline dates please use the link on the main course page in MyMathLab.




Each unit has multiple online homework assignments to help you prepare for the exam. Each assignment has a unique due date. Those due dates are listed on the website page where you access the online homework. Online homework will be submitted directly to your instructor through MyMathLab.   For full credit on the online portion of your homework you must complete all the required problems with at least 80% accuracy. This means you will receive a score of 0 on an assignment if you complete it with less than 80% accuracy. To view and complete the online homework, click on the online homework link in MyMathLab.  



Suggested Book Work (Not Required, but Highly Recommended):

We have also provided suggested problems from the book to help you better prepare for the exam. These problems are not to be handed in. To view the suggested problems from the book, click on the suggested bookwork link in MyMathLab.

Please be aware that Chapter 3 is the last chapter to study, positioned between your last "regular" test (#5 on Chapters 9 & 10) and the final exam. There is no online work required for chapter 3, but there is some "suggested bookwork" from your text. The math department cannot emphasize enough that reading chapter 3 and doing these exercises will help you prepare for the chapter 3 portion of the final exam.



Testing & Quizzes: Go to for testing times and deadlines

There are six required tests, including a comprehensive final examination. 

  • Exam 1 covering chapters 1 and 2
  • Exam 2 covering chapters 4 and 5
  • Exam 3 covering chapter 6
  • Exam 4 covering chapters 7 and 8
  • Exam 5 covering chapters 9 and 10
  • Final Exam covering all of the above chapters and chapter 3

The problems on the exam will be reflective of topics covered in both the online homework problems and the suggested book problems from the sections covered.  Please note that fractions and decimals will be incorporated into tests as this is assumed prior knowledge.  You may test as soon as you are ready but each test, including the final, has a deadline beyond which no testing on that chapter(s) will be allowed.  An instructor is available to administer exams at Folsom Lake College Math Reading and Writing Center, FL2-239 as well as the Tutoring Center at EDC, C-204. For testing times and deadline dates please use the link on the main course page in MyMathLab. If you come by to take your exam during the regularly scheduled lab times you do not need an appointment.  Please allow one and a half hours to complete the exam. 

There will also be five quizzes that correspond to the five units covered. These quizzes are online and have a due date of the Monday of the Testing Deadline week for the associated unit exam. To view the deadline dates and the chapters covered, click on the quizzes & exams button in MyMathLab.

In light of the specific testing deadlines, we encourage you to not put off your work until just before the deadline.  Deadlines are absolute and no additional time will be granted, as you are always able to work ahead.



Makeup Policy: 

If for any reason you cannot make it to an exam OR if you would like to retake an exam to get a better grade, you have an opportunity to make up ONE exam.  The Makeup Exam must be taken prior to the deadline for the next exam. There will be a 10% penalty applied to all make ups. The score on the make up will replace your original test score, even if your makeup score is lower.  You cannot make up the final exam.


Grading Information:

The assignments in the course have the following point values:

5 Tests worth 100 points each

5 Quizzes at 10 points each

A number of online homework assignments at 5 points each

1 Cumulative Final Exam worth 150 points

1 orientation assignment worth 5 points (Due on the day you come to orientation)

1 syllabus quiz worth 10 points (Due when you come in to take the first unit exam)


Letter grades will be assigned based on the following percentages:

A: 90 % - 100%

B: 80% - 89%

C: 70%-79%

D: 60% - 69%

F: below 60%


Grades will be submitted at the end of finals week based on your percentage of the total points for the course. No requests for extensions or incomplete grades will be granted. If a student needs to retake the course, no credit for work or quizzes from a previous semester will be granted.


Calculator Policy:

One of the fundamental purposes of this course is to strengthen your basic mental skills in the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and signed numbers. When a student's mental skills are developed to a high level, the work in this course and subsequent courses becomes much easier. The problems in the course deal with simple fractions, decimals and signed numbers. For that reason NO CALCULATORS are allowed in the course.


Students are encouraged to practice the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts until they have been committed to memory.


Academic Integrity:

Cheating will be dealt with swiftly and severely. At the minimum, you will receive a zero on the exam and lose all makeup privileges. Please read the FLC catalog so that you know college policies. Notes, calculators, cell phones and all materials other than a pencil and eraser are prohibited while you are taking a test. We will provide scratch paper if you desire it. You may not speak to anyone other than the instructor. Violation of any of these rules is considered cheating.


Computer Labs:

There are computer labs available for your use at FLC and EDC. For information, call (916) 608-6540 at FLC or (530) 642-5689 at EDC.