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2017 Fall Syllabus

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Chapter 2 Functions


Additional Lecture to supplement the in class lecture and the book lecture

2-1 HW Introduction to Functions

2-1A Introduction to Functions Lecture

2-1B Function Notation Lecture

2-1C Domain

2-2 HW Graphs Of Basic Functions

2-2A Graphs Of Basic Functions Lecture

2-2B Transformations Of Basic Graphs Intro Lecture

2-2C Transformations Of Basic Graphs Examples Lecture

2-2D Transformations Of Basic Graphs Notation Examples

2-2E Graphs with limited domains Lecture

2-3 HW Operations on Functions

2-3A Operations on Functions Lecture

2-3B The Domain of Functions Lecture

2-3C The Domain of Composite Functions Lecture

2-3D Even and Odd Functions Lecture

2-4 HW Inverse Functions

2-4A 1-1 Functions Lecture

2-4B Inverse Functions Lecture

Chapter 2 Review

Chapter 2 Answers


Chapter 5 Logs


5-0 HW Exponent Review

5-0A Radical Expressions

5-0B Radical Expressions with Fractional Exponents

5-1 HW Exponential Equations

5-1 Lecture Exponential Equations

5-2 HW Graphs of the Exponential Functions

5-2A Increasing Exponential Graphs Lecture

5-2B Decreasing Exponential Graphs Lecture

5-2C XY intercepts for Exponential Graphs

5-2D General Transformations Lecture

5-3 HW Logarithmic Functions

5-3A Logarithmic Functions Introduction Lecture

5-3B Solving Logarithmic Functions Lecture

5-3C Evaluating Basic Logarithmic Functions Lecture

5-4 HW Graphs of Logarithmic Functions

5-4A Graphing Increasing Log Functions Lecture

5-4B Graphing Decreasing Log Functions Lecture

5-4C x, y poinus on a log function

5-5 HW Properties Of Logarithms

5-5A Properties Of Logarithms Simplify Lecture

5-5B Properties Of Logarithms Expand Lecture optional

5-5C The Domain Of Log Functions Lecture

5-5D Inverses of Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

5-6 HW Solving Logarithmic Equations

5-6A Solving Logarithmic Equations Lecture One Side

5-6B Solving Logarithmic Equations Lecture Both Sides

5-7 Calculator Applications Lecture

5-7 HW Calculator Applications

Calculator help is at or

Chapter 5 Homework Answers

Chapter 5 Review


Chapter 6 and 7 Trigonometry


6-1A HW Degrees and Radians

6-1B HW Arc Length and Area of Sectors (Calc)


6-2 HW Trig Exact Values

6-2A: Exact Trig Values of selected Trig. Functions

6-3 HW Basic Trig Equations

6-3A: Basic Trig Equations limited to 0 to 2 pi

6-3B: Basic Trig Equations for all Real Numbers

6-4A HW Trig Equations


6-4B HW: Angular and Linear Speed


6-4B Angular and Linear Speed

6-5 HW Trig Graphs

6-5A The 6 Basic Trig Graphs

6-5B Developing the 6 Basic Trig Graphs (Full lecture) optional

6-5C The 6 basic transformations of Trig Graphs

6-5D The Period or Frequency of Trig Graphs

6-6 Frequency Equations

6-6 Frequency Equations Lecture in Class

6-7A HW Inverse Trig

Lecture 6-7A: Inverse Trig Functions (introduction)

Lecture 6-7B: Inverse Trig Function worked out examples

6-7B: HW Inverse Trig Calculator

This section will not be used this semester.

HW:7-3 Trig Identities

HW:7-5 Trig Identities

Be sure to show all the required steps. The extra pages that contain the hints to solve the identities to not contain all the steps required . Steps are skipped in many cases.

Lecture 7-3: Trig Identities

Lecture 7-4: Sum and Difference Identities

Lecture 7-5 Double and Half Angle Identities

Trig Identities List


Trig HW Answers

The answers listed above are from former students and may contain typos. If this is an issue chose to do the Sullivan HW and use the Sullivan solution manual available in the FLC book store or in many online locations.

Chapter 9 Polar Coordinates and Vectors


Additional Lecture to supplement the in class lecture and the book lecture

9-2 HW Polar Graphs

Lecture 9-2A Polar Graphs

Polar Graph Paper 15 degrees


Chapter 10 Conics


Sullivan Book Lecture

10-2 HW Parabolas

Section 10-2 in the Book

10-3A HW Circles

10-3B HW Ellipses

10-3B Ellipse Notes

10-4 HW Hyperbolas

10-4 Hyperbola Notes

10-5 HW Formulas

Section 10-5 in the Book

Chapter 10 Answers

Chapter 11 Systems


Additional Lecture to supplement the in class lecture

11-1 Linear Systems in 2 Variables

11-1A Lecture Systems of 2 Variables solving by Graphing

11-1B Lecture Systems of 2 Variables solving by Substation

11-1C Lecture Systems of 2 Variables solving by Elimination

11-1D Systems of 2 Variables solving Word Problems

11-2 Graphing Linear Systems in 2 Variables

11-2A Lecture Graphing Inequalities

11-2B Lecture Solving a system of 2 Variables by Graphing

11-2B Lecture Solving a system of 2 Variables by Graphing

11-3 Systems in 3 Variables

11-3 Lecture Solving Systems of 3 Variables

11 - 6 Nonlinear Systems

11-6 Lecture Nonlinear systems Lecture

11 - 7 Systems of Nonlinear Inequalities

Section 11-7 in the Book

Chapter 11 Answers

Chapter 10 and 11 Review


Chapter 12 Sequences


Additional Lecture to supplement the in class lecture

HW 12-1A: Sequences

HW 12-1B: Series

12-1A: Lecture Sequences

12-1B: Lecture Series

12-1C: Lecture Partial Sums. Series and Sequences

HW 12-2: Arithmetic Sequences and Series

12-2A: Lecture Arithmetic Sequences

12-2B: Lecture Arithmetic Series

HW 12-3: Geometric Sequences

12-3A: Lecture Geometric Sequences

12-3B: Lecture Geometric Sequences

HW 12-4: Proof by Induction

12-4A: Lecture Proof by Induction introduction

12-4B: Lecture Proof by Induction examples

HW 12-5: Lecture Binomial Expansion

12-5: Lecture Binomial Expansion

C-12 Answers

C-12 Formula Notes

C-12 Sequences List

Schumns Formulas

The sums of the first n odd counting numbers

The sums of the cubles of the first n cubes

1= 3/4 + 3/16 + 3/64 Tower

1/3 = 1/4 + 1/16 + 64 Squares

1= 3/4 + 3/16 + 3/64 Tower Embeded

1/2 = 1/3 + 1/9 + 1/ 27 Sprial

1= 3/4 + 3/16 + 3/64 Squares

1 = 1/2 +1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 Demo

Chapter 4 and 14 Functions and Limits


Additional Lecture to supplement the in class lecture

4-1: HW Zeros of a Polynomial HW

4-1A: Lecture Zeros of a Polynomial Section 4-5

4-1B: Lecture Synthetic Division

4-2: HW Polynomial Inequalities

4-2: Lecture Polynomial Inequalities

4-3: HW Graphing Power Functions

4-3A: Lecture Limits of Power Functions

4-3B: Lecture Roots and Graphs of Power Functions

4-4A: HW Piece Wise Functions

4-5A: Lecture Piece Wise Functions

4-4B: HW Continuity

4-4B: Lecture Continuity

4-5A: HW Limits x--> infinity Rational Functions

4-5A1: Lecture Rational Functions Introduction

4-5A2: Lecture Limits as x ---> Infinity for Rational Functions

4-5B HW Graphing Rational Functions with vertical asymptotes

4-5B: Lecture Graphing Rational Functions with vertical asymptotes

4-5C: HW Rational Functions with vertical asymptotes and holes

4-5C1: Lecture Rational Functions with Holes Intro

4-5C2: Lecture Rational Functions with Holes Limits

4-5C3 Lecture Graphing Rational Functions with Holes

4-6A HW Limits Involving Vertical Asymptotes

4-6A Lecture Limits Involving Vertical Asymptotes

4-6B HW Evaluating Limits

4-6B Lecture Evaluating Limits

Functions and Limits Answers