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Khan Academy ....This site contains lecture and video presentations for all the topics in the course.

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Chapter 0: Review Of Arithmetic

0-0 Fundamental Review Lecture


Chapter 1: Operations on the Rational Numbers

Section 1-A The Real Number System

Section 1-5 Evaluating Expressions Lecture

Section 1-B Proprieties of the Real Numbers

Section 1-6 Like Terms Lecture

Section 1-2 Operations on Signed Number Lecture

Section 1-7 Distribute Lecture

Section 1-3 Absolute Value And Powers Lecture

Section 1-4 Order Of Operations Lecture


Quiz 0 covers Chapter 0 and Quiz 1 Covers Chapter 1

The C0 and C-1 Quiz has been moved from January 27th to Monday Feb 1 to give you more time to prepare

Chapter 2: Equations and Inequalities

Section 2-1 Solving 1 and 2 Step Equations Lecture

Section 2-5 Solving For Variables in Formulas Lecture

Section 2-2 Solving Multiple Step Equations Lecture

Section 2-6 Reading and Graphing Inequalities Lecture

Section 2-3 Solving Equations with Proportions Lecture

Section 2-7 Solving Inequalities Lecture

Section 2-4 Solving Equations with Fractions Lecture


Chapter 3: Word Problems

Section 3-1 Translating Problems Lecture

Section 3-2 Let Statements Lecture

Section 3-3B Advanced Word Problems Lecture

Section 3-3A Basic Word Problems Lecture


Test Covers Chapter Chapter 2 and 3

Test Review Chapter 2 and 3 ....Optional Not required or collected


Math 100 Chapter 4: The Rectangular Coordinate System and Linear Equations

Section 4-1 Rectangular Coordinate Lecture

Section 4-5A Graphing Linear Inequalities Introduction Lecture

Section 4-2A Graphing A Line with Ordered Pairs

Section 4-5B Graphing Linear Inequalities y = mx +b Lecture

Section 4-2B Graphing Special Cases and graphing with Intercepts

Section 4-5C Graphing Linear Inequalities ax+by = c Examples

Section 4-3 Finding Slopes Lecture

Section 4-6 Finding The Equation of a Line Lecture

Section 4-4 Graphing a Line with Slope Y Intercept Lecture


Chapter 5: Systems of Equations

Section 5-1 Solving Systems by Graphing Lecture

Section 5-2 Solving Systems by Substitution Lecture

Section 5-3 Solving Systems by Elimination Lecture

Section 5-4 Solving Systems Word Problems Lecture


Test Covers Chapter Chapter 4 and 5

Test Review Chapter 4 and 5 ....Optional Not required or collected

Chapter 6: Exponents

Section 6-1 Rules of Exponents Lecture

Section 6-4 Multiplying Polynomials Lecture

Section 6-2 Negative Exponents Lecture

Section 6-5 Dividing Polynomials Lecture Lecture

Section 6-2A Scientific Notation Lecture

Section 6-3 Combining Polynomials Lecture


Chapter 7: Factoring Polynomials

Section 7-1A Factoring Out a GCF Lecture

Section 7-4C: Factoring Hard Trinomials by the Box Method Lecture

Section 7-1B Factoring by Grouping Lecture

Section 7-4D: Factoring Hard Trinomials by the Guess and Check Method

Section 7-2 Factoring Perfect Squares Lecture

Section 7-5 Solving Quadratic Equations Lecture

Section 7-3 Factoring Easy Trinomials A=1 Lecture

Chapter 7 Factoring Review Flowchart

Section 7-4A: Factoring Hard Trinomials by the Easy Trinomials Method Lecture

Chapter 7 Factoring Review Examples

Section 7-4B: Factoring Hard Trinomials by the AC-Grouping Method Lecture

Test Cover Chapters 6 and 7 and 8-1 and 8-2

Test Review Chapters 6 and 7 and 8-1 and 8-2 ....Optional Not required or collected

Review with some problems worked out.


Chapter 8: Rational Expressions and Rational Equations

Section 8-1 Simplifying Rational Expressions Lecture

Section 8-4B Add Subtract Rational Expressions without a Common Denominator Lecture

Section 8-2 Multiply Divide Rational Expressions Lecture

Section 8-5 Solving Rational Equations Lecture

Section 8-3 Finding the LCD Lecture

Section 8-4A Add Subtract Rational Expressions with a Common Denominator Lecture


Chapter 9 : Radical Expression and Radical Expressions

Section 9-1 Perfect Square Radicals Lecture

Section 9-5B Dividing Radical Expressions Binomial Denominator Lecture

Section 9-2B Simplifying Radical Expressions with Variables Lecture

Section 9-6 Pythagorean Theorem Lecture

Section 9-2A Simplifying Radical Expressions with Numbers Lecture

Section 9-7 Solving Radical Equations Lecture

Section 9-3 Combining Radical Expressions Lecture

Section 9-8 Quadratic Equations Lecture

Section 9-4 Multiplying Radical Expressions Lecture

Section 9-5A Dividing Radical Expressions Monomial Denominator Lecture

Test Covers Chapter 8-4 , 8-5 and Chapter 9

Test Review Chapter 8-4 , 8-5 and Chapter 9.....Optional Not required or collected

Test Review with some problems worked out

Final Exam: No makes ups are allowed.